Drug Addiction and Service Training Program Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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The National Service Training Program (NSTP) Law, RA 9163, also known as An Act Establishing the National Service Training Program for tertiary level students, has three program components; Reserve Officers Training Corps [ROTC], Civic Welfare Training Service [CWTS], and Literacy Training Service [LTS] aiming to enhance civic consciousness and defense preparedness in the youth and developing the ethics of service and patriotism. Under the NSTP-MAPUA Office, which supervises the implementations of CWTS and ROTC, governed by R.A. 9163 of 2001, are MAPUA-CWTS and MAPUA-ROTC Offices. These two independent offices provide students a grading system, and different activities that endows students with theoretical and practical knowledge and experiences that are needed for community services. After finishing LTS/CWTS, graduates become part of National Service Reserved Corps; after finishing ROTC, graduates will be a part of Citizen Armed Forces.

A human is a rational being, born free but are responsible for his own action, has his own identity for who he is, intrinsically a social being, and sexual in nature with uniqueness of expression these are the characteristics of a person. Values are integrated in a persons physical, intellectual, moral, spiritual, social economic and political aspects. By understanding the character and the definition of a person, maximizing these characteristics are crucial to be able to create a positive result in realizing his competence and ability. There are many opportunities that await each person, but blind enough to notice it. A person himself is best qualified in changing and directing his life for hes always been given an alternative whether to do or not to do an act, and is accompanied by responsibility. Understanding Filipino values are very important in realizing how Filipinos behave and act, for these values serve as a basis on which every individuals strength in facing the challenges of life should be directed.

The positive side of the Filipino values should be put in use and disregard the negative ones to be able to bring out the best in the Filipino society in general and the individual in particular. Each Filipino I blessed inherently by a set of values value of respect for life, concern for the family and the future generations, value of truth, of justice, of equality, of promotion of the common good, and of concern for the environment. These values are in need to be awakened in order to serve as a vehicle and reinforcement towards our goal of realizing social change and progress. A group is defined as a collection of individuals with different personalities acting and interacting with one another in the process of living. Within a group, a leader or a set of leaders is/are appointed; the one who guides his members and possess certain qualities on effective leadership. John C. MaxwellŸs book entitled 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader helps people recognize, develop and refine the personal characteristics needed to be a truly effective leader that people would want to follow. For every group, decisions are made.

There are different kinds of decision-making, for instance, having only one person to decide or having a majority vote. Difficulties are also encountered but there are some conflict resolutions and styles used to solve the problem. National security is the protection to preserve the nations physical integrity and territory. National security has an objective of defending the territorial integrity of the state and the freedom to determine ones own government while, human security aims the safety and survival of people, shorthand for the same is freedom from fear of physical violence. It responds to ordinary peoples needs in dealing with sources of threats.

Disaster is a phenomenon brought about by either natural or man-made hazards that causes great damage and suffering for instance, in life and property. The community, composed of its people in a state or country, takes extra-ordinary measures on how to survive when everything we take for granted is gone, when structures we depend on have failed. Disaster preparedness is an activity which complies with the preventive measures, ensuring that the community is in a state of readiness to contain the effects of a forecasted disastrous event in order to minimize loss of life, injury, and damage to property. Disaster management is a planned step taken to minimize the effects of a disaster.

DRUG any substance that brings physical, psychological, emotional and behavioral changes when used. There are many consequences when people use drugs; their behavior changes leading them to do bad things to others and their selves, and all sorts of health problems. Every classification of drug abusers from experimenters, occasional, regular users to drug dependent people, corresponds to certain counter measures, depending on the degree of drug abuse. The Republic Act 9165, known as the Comprehensive Drugs Act of 2002, is the one that deals on cases which involve the use of drugs.

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