Dreams for My Future: College and Beyond Essay

Published: 2019-10-30 05:22:54
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My dreams and aspirations to go to college and further enhance my knowledge have always been with me since I was child. Both my parents taught me that I have to use my mind if I want to lead a happy and prosperous life without any problems, and that has always been my motivation to persevere, no matter how difficult the road may be. After high school I will attend a university and continue my education further in the field of computer engineering.

With that, I will apply in various careers involving my major, such as in the business, automobile, video game and software industries. My goal is to have both a successful and fulfilling career that I can be happy with while still supporting a small family of my own and living the American dream. My intentions are to help the general populace by providing more efficient computer systems and software because I know we live in an age where computers are very important and dominating all industries with handling information.

I know that we all live in a time where technology has become essential to human life, so if I can make a positive impact with my major, then thats what I am going to do. Having a strong, fun career and having a wonderful family has always been a priority to me and I have been taking every step and precaution along the way to ensure that I meet these goals timely and productively. With help from the Apple Scholarship Foundation, I can meet my goals with more relative ease and I can worry less about any monetary hardships that I might encounter.

I believe that I deserve this scholarship because I have always worked diligently in and out of school my entire life preparing myself to be a part of society. Without the assistance of this scholarship(s), going to college and achieving my goals will be that much more difficult. My father is the only source of income in my family and unfortunately, I cannot rely on him to make a monetary contribution to my college education.

Scholarships havent just been optional, but are necessary in aiding my goal of going to college. With the financial assistance of federal aid and scholarships I will be able to achieve my goal of attending a university. My family would not be burdened with financial troubles or be worried for my future. My future relies on the aid of this scholarship and I would be appreciative to have all the help and support that can be given.

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