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Published: 2019-10-10 12:33:29
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Designing ones dream green house always needs something really special. From the wall systems, to heating and cooling equipment, Electricity, Kitchen, TV room, Bath, gardens, everything has its own importance and adds to the look of house. Bathroom Before moving into the equipment, appliances and design of a bathroom, it is important to understand what mainly makes up a bathroom. Toilet and shower are two most important portions to be considered in the design of a bathroom. While designing an environment friendly bathroom, it is important to understand that looks are sometimes compromised for the welfare of environment.

Basic objective is to implement and adopt healthy and hygienic practices, and ensure proper flow of clean air and water in the premises. Before designing a green bathroom, it is important to identify key features in a bathroom. This includes flooring, vanities and cabinets, countertops, glass, ceramics and tiles, shower area, flush, toiletries, ventilation and wall systems. Flooring Over wet areas, it is important that we avoid vinyl or marbled flooring, as it may get slippery when wet. Sheet linoleum would be a better alternative, made of wood floor, resins and linseed oil.

Linoleum Flooring from Armstrong would be the best option for bathroom floor, as these sheets are made of non-toxic materials, are non allergic in nature, and are considered more flexible and durable than cardboards and tiles. They are specially used in hospitals, nursing and caring centers and non-allergic homes. Vanities and Cabinets Instead of going for particular particleboard, that contains harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, it is better to go for renewable materials like bamboos and wheat straw.

Bamboo cabinets from AlterECO would be a good choice. Those cabinets are not only crafted beautifully, but are also sustainable and attain long term utility. Those cabinets are made as per the ecological responsibilities of the industry. Countertops Here we should look for recycled glass, composite terrazzo products, which provide glow and nice outfitting in the green bathroom. Enviroglas products would provide a wide range of countertops, made from recycled glass, which is not only environment friendly, but are also very impressive in its looks.

Enviroglas is an experienced producer in recycled terrazzo products, and provide sustainable products, made with ecological mind frame, and are affordable. Ceramics Recycled ceramics would be a more ecological thought, along with procelain tiles for the walls. Low Impact Living provides a wide range of recycled countertops and recycled ceramics that are manufactured with more than 50% of recycled products. They provide wide variety of layout options, with minimal grout lines. Another option could be Terra Green Ceramics that aims to provide unique appearance, style and versatility in their product range.

They are also committed to manufacture their products including more than 50% recycled products. Showers This is where most of the water is being wasted. Best practice is to only tap on the shower while you really need it. While shampooing or soaping body, it is desirable to keep the tap turned off. Green Shower by Rami Tareef provides user with a flexible LCD screen attached to it, which informs him about the temperature of shower. This allows the person taking bath to monitor the most desirable temperature wanted for bath.

This avoids wastage of water, while anybody would wait for the water to get cold or hot, as desired. 24V DC generator is attached to it, which manages the flow of water. Flush Dual flush toilets are more environmental friendly as they not only save water, but also saves money, clog less, looks stylish and use power flushing to clean everything off in one go. Kohler could be a good option in dual flush toilets. They are elegant in design, and meet the water sense criteria of EPA. Other option could be the dual flush toilet kit from Zager plumbing and solar Inc.

as they are user friendly, saves up to 50% water, and cheaper than other models. They are designed to be environmental friendly. Toiletries Naturally Good provides innovative range of green toiletries which are environmental friendly in nature and are made from recycled products to help save natural resources. Ventilation Fresh air is quite essential in the bathroom area as to make the little experience enjoyable, healthy and hygienic. Energy Star qualified windows, doors and skylights are environment friendly in nature, and do provide a firm protection against unlike changes in environment like winter coat.

They can save up to 15% of energy bills. Conclusion Use of recycled glass products, natural bamboos, environmentally friendly toiletries, proper ventilation, intelligent showering systems and recycled ceramics will help us remain aligned with our environmental friendly responsibilities. But designing a green bathroom cant just be obtained by installing recycled, environment friendly, energy efficient systems; it also requires healthy and sensible activities, aligned with ecological morals. References

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