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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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1. Why is the dog considered to be mans best friend?

* The dog considered to be mans best friend because dog has a intellectual ability that dog can do tricks, dog can smell anything like bomb and dog can be our savior. They could physically and psychologically help their humans with hearing disabilities, would be more affordable, and would be very loving. They could alert their humans to sounds of doorbells, alarm clocks, electrical machines, telephones, the name of their humans (when someone calls them) car horns, babies crying, and fire alarms.

2. When rizal was executed in bagumbayan, the Spanish army brought a dog as a mascot which they thought would bring them good luck. What could be the breed of their mascot? * It is the * askal (asong kalye or street dog, today called aspin or asong pinoy) dog that was present when was executed. But when Rizal was executed the dog ran circles around Rizals body. Some Spaniards took this as a bad omen for the ongoing war for independence.

3. The dog in the execution picture above looks like a terrier, while Spaniards are known to prefer Spanish mastiffs (Mastin de la Mancha). How would you explain the discrepancy? * The dog in the execution not a terrier, I know there are many types of terrier but the dog in execution are maybe a beagle, airdale or a bloodhound dog. Beagle, airdale and bloodhound weighs up to 30 pounds, and can stands about 15 inches high that are similar in the picture of execution.

4. What kind of pet dog do you have? What tricks have you taught it? * I have a collie, named lassie. Collie is one of the intelligent dogs. Lassie can jump, sit, play the ball, sense of smell that is often used to track human beings, and she make good watchdog in our home.

5. Should dogs also be treated as children to be nurtured and protected? Briefly discuss your opinion about those who slaughter dogs for food. * We need to nurtured and protect our dog because dog are intelligence, can do any tricks, obey the commands and work for man. Dogs are affectionate, obedient, and lovable. Dog is not for food because dog has rabies(the most dangerous diseases that can transmit to humans) and dogs arent meat. We need to love, protect and nurtured our dog.

Worksheet no.77 Martyrs

1. Compare and contrast the martyrdom of the 13 filipinos in cavite in 1896, with that of the La salle brothers in Almeria in 1936. * The comparison of thirteen martyrs and seven of the la sale brother in Almeria are both martyrdom in spain, were same put to death. The thirteen Filipinos martyrs were executed by musketry for alleged conspiracy to overthrow the Spanish government, and after about four decades there are another martyrs, these are the seven of la salle brothers in Almeria were put to death for teaching Christianity. They executed by the Spanish government to disobeying the law or conspiracy to them. They were linked to the conditions then prevailing in the country.

2. Which do you think is more noble, to die for ones country or to die for ones faith? Explain your answer. * I think is more noble to die for ones country with faith to God because before to evade others, we need faith to god for goodluck in battles.

Worksheet no.44 charisma

1. Cite an instance in the extant letters of rizal, or of this friends and acquaintances, when rizal took advantage of a woman through his charisma. If you cannot cite any, what does this indicate about rizal? * Blumintritt said Rizals dozen women, even if only nine were identified. They were Gertrude Becket of Chalcot Crescent (London), wealthy and high-minded Nelly Boustead of the English and Iberian merchant family, last descendant of a noble Japanese family Seiko Usui (affectionately called O-Sei-san), his earlier friendship with Segunda Katigbak and eight-year romantic relationship with his first cousin, Leonor Rivera. Rizal is a being genius or very intelligent and handsome man, they are charismatic to the women. 2. What should a man do if he feels he is not charismatic enough? (discuss your answer with your partner.)

* If a man feels that hes not charismatic enough, he should consult first his guy friends for some tips on how to be charismatic and secondly, he should improve his personality more as well as his physical appearance.

3. Who do you think is most charismatic: a man who very strong, very intelligent, or very handsome? (again, discuss this question with your partner and explain

* Well, nowadays many girls would prefer something a man who is very handsome because looks can be deceiving and with your looks, you will have a great impact in girls because thats the first thing they will remember on you.

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