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Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05
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Marriage is regarded as a sacred union between man and a woman, and the family founded on marriage is recognized as a fount of love, protection and care; therefore it must be cherished and must last forever. Nonetheless, when everything is broken, and many tears were shed, all ends into divorce. Divorce is the final termination of a marital union, canceling the legal duties and responsibilities of marriage and dissolving the bonds of matrimony between the parties (unlike annulment, which declares the marriage null and void). Divorce laws vary considerably around the world, but in most countries it requires the sanction of a court or other authority in a legal process. The reason that gave me urge to pursue this topic is my sympathy to the children that will get left behind. This survey showcases the different views of some people towards this topic.

Divorce is a declaration of independence with only two signers. Gerard Lieberman

The question I am contending goes like this:

Pipirma ka ba?

People have different views and opinions concerning this topic. There are those who are in favor of divorce and those who are not in favor of divorce. The third will be those who are neutral.

I asked several students about their stand on divorce. The following are the comments of some anti-divorce people:

According to Jerome Canonizado, 1st year student of Mapua Institute of Technology, why would people bother themselves for a marriage if they will just give themselves pester and hassle in dealing with divorce papers? Canonizado is implying that he is implying that he isnt in favor with divorce.

Another comment from Sorell Angeles, a freshman student in Ateneo de Manila University, said no for he believes that marriage is a lifetime  decision thats why choosing the right partner should be taken seriously. He as well added that with divorce, the sanctity and holiness of marriage will be easily broken by those who will not be serious for this manner.

Other respondents like Julius Rodriguez of Mapua, and John De Asis of Ateneo, stressed out the vows and promises renounced by the couple during the marriage. They are saying that after all these vows and promises, why would a couple end up filing divorce papers with each other? They are implicitly saying that their stand for this subject is against divorce.

In addition with these anti-divorce people above, another anti-divorce person in the name of Bernadette Senado, a cell group mentor and a teacher gave her opinion as regards to divorce. She said that in this day and age, most relationships are results of peoples emotional impulses. Because of these, people were blinded and were not able to make right decisions and choices, and choose the right partner. All in all, in any angle, according to her, theres no beauty in divorce.

Now, the following are the comments of the pro-divorce people:

Arnold Justin Mejia Rull, a resident of Marikina city, commented that he is a pro-divorce. His answer was based on a certain situation in a relationship. According to him, he would definitely file a divorce case once gets battered.

Another pro-divorce person would be Alec Baluyot, a 1st year student of Mapua. For him, when the time comes where the intimacy and spark between a couple no longer exists, he will file a divorce. This would prevent more damages caused by the quarrels and fights of the couple, which would greatly give an impact to their children.

At this time, the following are the scrutinizations made by the people whose stand on this matter is neutral.

For John Roel Yerro, a freshman student of Ateneo de Manila University, his decision for this subject depends on the situation undergone by a couple. What is more important for him is the proper and efficient management of a relationship between couples.

Another student from Ateneo, in the person of Benro Balaoing, stated his stand for this issue. According to him, nowadays, were in a situation where in what is needed are the security of life and the preservation of the honor and dignity of each individual in our country. The children are the ones greatly affected by this issue. In addition to that, he said that instead of condemning a couple for making a wrong decision, he said that what is more important is the options we can provide for them to be freed out of such atrocious situations.

As shown in this paper, people have different stands on divorce. In the end, though, the surefire way to avoid this tragic ending is awareness: awareness of yourself, awareness of your relationship, and awareness of the welfare of the children. As for me, I dont have my own firm stand right now. With that Im neither saying that Im totally opposing divorce nor approbating with it. Actually, Im somewhat in favor with the passing of the bill. Divorce would be auspicious for me when done in a complete and systematic way. With systematic and complete, I mean, all papers are reviewed well, the side of the both parties are well heard, in short, everything is analyzed stupendously. On the other hand, I would like, as much as possible, to prevent the filing of divorce cases. I honor the sanctity and holiness of marriage, and believe its lifetime prominence to a couple, thats why it should be preserved, maintained, and kept until the last breath of the couple.

Prior to our knowledge, the Philippines had been colonized by the Spaniards for approximately 300 years. For this reason, Catholicism, brought by these colonizers in our country, has a great influence to the state. The Filipino identity which is mostly explicit in this matter is their complete and pious devotion to the Roman Catholic Church and its beliefs since Filipinos, as stated earlier, were greatly influenced by the religion brought by Spaniards. In view of the fact that the Catholic Church believes that marriage is a lifetime partnership and commitment between couples, it can be said that the church does not concur with the concept of divorce. This may be proved by the absence of divorce here in the Philippines. Only annulment is passed out in our country.

The statements that I like the most are:

The responses that I dislike are:

I like his statement because we have the same stand and it doesnt show any bias.

I also favor this response because this answer is very eye catching plus its composition & structure is superb.

I dislike this for responses are irrelevant.

Only God holds and knows our future.

Marriage couldnt be dash with that reason and there is a bigger chance that the children could be more affected when their parents are separated.

I also dislike this because we, humans must know what is right and wrong.

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