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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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Diversity makes up the world that we are living in. It basically exists for us to be able to have a dose of reality and how the world truly is. Variety in every thing symbolizes freedom, it illustrates how each and every one of us is unique in our own complex manner, and it represents how each and every creation is in its unparalleled sense. Diversity or variety, with its mere existence, breaks barriers of stereotyping and supremacy and emphasizes on us the great importance of being open minded about everything happening around us.

Reading Terry Tempest Williams quote about diversity, even though I read it over and over again, still has the same impact on me regarding this short quotes unfathomably profound message. The idea and the thought that the writer is trying to convey never fails to enlighten me and surely has the same effect on anybody who reads it. Though it gives a deep message but understanding what it simply means is not that complex for anybody to reckon.

It does not send a confusing message to the readers of the quote but it simply states a general fact, a single idea and that is about opening our minds to any possibility to be able to understand it and opening ourselves to what is out there that is far from what we are used to, to be able to relate to it. This simple quote encompasses a myriad of issues on what is happening to the world today or even what is happening to things around us. This quote can answer the question why there is no unity on earth. The best example could be about racial discrimination.

A simple example would be based on a school or university setting. When students are used to a common culture with similar beliefs and practices and are used in seeing similar faces and color everyday, then one day, one student which is from another country is enrolled in that school. He does not possess the same skin, eye nor hair color as everybody else; he dresses odd; he was raised in a different environment and a different culture and has contrary beliefs and practices with anybody else in that school.

Do you think the initial reaction of the multitude would be acceptance towards that new student? More often than not, it isnt the case. Usually it is rejection. That is why many foreign students which are not in their own country are subjects to bullying because of how they are. There are many cases of school bullying world wide, mostly because of what a certain student believes or doesnt have that causes the multitude to eradicate that odd student out of the school premises, sparing him the liberty of merely having a proper education without being tormented or harassed by his schoolmates.

By that mere act of letting that certain student feel that he is not welcome because he is different and the administration being aware of it but not doing anything about it shows that people from that school are too narrow-minded to be open to anything which is different from their own, they are too engrossed in their own little world that they are closing the possibilities of having the opportunity to understand and relate to a new culture and they are too arrogant to try to reach out to people outside their own comfort zone.

This act is based upon a small environment, but such act which started in a small environment and is continually tolerated will then move to a bigger surrounding and will eventually cause a more serious effect on how the world will be. This is what is occurring at present why different countries or even just islands in a country attempt to eradicate each others existence because they differ in everything. Trying to change how the world is and how people are, simply means that you are not willing to extend yourself to change.

Trying to diminish a religion which is different from yours signifies that you do not welcome anything that is foreign to you or what you believed in. Each of us has their own right on what to do or what to believe in, it is also saying that each of us are created by God in His own image and likeness and in this sense, we are all created uniquely and different from each other. Nobody has the right to change somebody else because they do not have anything in common nor anybody is superior because of his skin color.

Trying to change things as how they are limits us to the potentiality of relating and learning from each other. Building barriers between your race and other nationalities diminishes your chance of showing respect and the ability of reaching out to them to be able to relate in their culture, therefore it engulfs us in our own mini-world far from the real one which is composed of different kinds of people.

Most especially, trying to alter and annihilate a varied world by trying to change things as how it uniquely is or going blind to diversity, is like trying to resist the opportunity of having the probability to live in a real planet, with a real variety of people and learning a lot of interesting things from different continents and being able to relate and understand the world.

Trying to adapt to change and diversity opens our mind to any possibility and gives us the chance to learn things which we are not used to. This leads us to acceptance in order to able to relate and tolerate things which are foreign to us and therefore, we are eventually molded to be a better human.

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