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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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In a 4th grade private school classroom and child showed disruptive behavior when approached with authority of an adult telling him to stop doing something that was in appropriate like calling other students stupid and fat. When a teacher would tell him please stop he would continue to say rude things but now geared toward the teacher. It would take several minutes to get him to calm down. The disciplinary effect after his disruptive behavior would be indoor suspension and a phone call home.

Students history at school had been temperamental for the past 2 years and he had been taken out sent to a public school then returned after a 2 grading periods when in 2nd grade. In 3rd grade he had showed the same type of behavior with classmates and teachers. This student was behind a grade and attended class with a relative that was in there respective grade. His disruptive behavior in 3rd grade was slightly manageable after several conferences with the parent.

As the student had entered into 4th grade he had received a new teacher but remained with the same students from the previous year and now his relative was no longer attending the same school. The students entering 4th grade would be attending another school which had put them into a new atmosphere with new teachers. This change did not sit well with this student in particularly who had become disruptive verbally and aggressively with other students and class property. The student at this point was suspended from the school for 3 days. Upon returning the student seemed content until the current teacher had to leave and he received a new teacher. At this point the student was filling out the new teacher and what she would allow and wouldnt. The student shortly found out what the teacher wouldnt allow and that was speaking and getting up without raising hand.

The teacher was new to the class, but not to the students, was known for having a productive class with no disruptive behaviors. The teacher had reintroduced herself to the class on her first day and had given the children the floor about what they had been learning so far. The students responded well to her curiosity accept for the student who was known for the misconduct. After the teachers first week she decided to reset some rules for the class and allow them to give input on what is allowed and what isnt. The student with the disruptive behavior did participate in this exercise. She also rearrange the classroom fixed some posters around the room and hung some of the students best work around the room. The teacher put a class pledge on the board that the student would have to recite every morning before class started. As piece of the pledge said, I will treat others with the respect that I want for myself and to use kind words to show how Im feeling whether I am happy or mad. The teacher after the second week had seen a major changed in the class and especially in the student with the misbehavior. By the 5th week all the disruption had been gone.

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