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Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05
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The author wants the reader to imagine the most horrible things and as everyone has different ideas about our own horror it will make it even more repulsive. By using the word hollowed he burns an image in your mind and makes you visualize the hollow bodies that had been devoured by the vultures. The word Strange by itself in one line sums up your feelings among the following section of the poem, and by being alone in one line it emphasises the word, it gives the word Strange a lot of importance.

Achebe shows affection as a pessimistic aspect of life, in the poem it says that love coils up like a snake in a corner, it also says that love is upset, angry or punished. Together with the phrase turned to the wall, the author personifies love. Reaching to a certain point of the poem, the author uses an ellipsis by dividing it into two supposed different stories, however, thats what it seems from the outside, but if you , both stories is related one to another.

To link these parts, the author changes line, and uses punctuation (¦ ), he uses three dots at the end of the first part to show the poem continues, and then starts talking about the commandant Thus the Commandant at Belsen, which appears to be a total different theme. When the poet uses the phrase fumes of human roast it intends to create a disgusting scene, with the word roast he creates a linking image which relates the phrase to the animals, food and cooking (burning).

The word i?? roast is associated to the word i??human which makes you think of people being cooked and burned, and it seems even more revolting as the reader probably visualises itself in the same situation. With this extremely inhuman scene the author originates a cruel image referred to Commandant, he is also shown as a very horrendous man when Achebe talks about the commandants appearance; i?? hairy nostrils, the poet wants to incite the reader to hate this character. The Commandants children are represented as his tender offspringi??

, this produces a comparison between the commandant and the vulture because normally when referring to society the offspringi?? of someone usually are their sons or daughters, the word offspringi?? is applied when we talk about animals, so this word in a way shows that the commandant wasnt very loving towards his children. The word tender is used to describe is normally used to describe soft meat. This creates two impressions of the same concept; his offspring is related to good meat, yet its also related to the vultures, which creates a memorable paradoxical image.

The author wants the audience to see both facets of this terrible man, by saying the word Daddys, this makes the commandant seem sweet and caring, and uses an enjambment Daddys // return, to make the word i?? returni?? stand-out. He also wants to create two different images with the word return, to make the reader think that the children miss their father, and to prove that theres also a bit of grace in such a cruel man. To conclude, in the last paragraph Achebe summarises the poem.

He thanks God that even an ogre (which in society is seen as a stereotype of a malicious creature) has a tiny glow-worm of tenderness encapsulated in icy caverns of a cruel heart. This means that all human kind beings with a dark inside will unfailingly have a spark of mercy in him. Achebe finally expresses that human beings arent good or bad, theyre a combination of both, and this is what the whole poem represents. The poem is made out of one stanza, which is divided into four subsections. This an unusual poem because the poet uses free verse, which makes the poem colloquial.

It has no rhyme because rhymes make things amusing and musical and wouldnt help the poet describe pessimistic aspects as he does in the majority of the poem. The four fragments link together evil, goodness, vultures and the commandant. Achebe uses commas and enjambment to make it a slow paced poem to read which makes it sorrowed. The whole poem is written in English by a Nigerian author, it is written for European readers. He wants to show that it doesnt matter from where you belong, every war is the same as abominable and everyone has a bit of light and darkness in their hearts.

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