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Discuss Larkins evocation of locations and place in this anthology and assess its significance in his poetry. You should refer to a number of poems in the collection. Larkin refers to different locations and places in his poetry, whether he is referring to different countries and cities or just different areas. There is a significant amount of movement in his poetry from place to place using journeys, such as the use of train images in Here and The Whitsun Weddings.

Larkin continually refers to his own lifestyle and past; his home town of Hull is referred to in a number of poems as well as other locations he has visited or moved to and his views on these areas. England and dying England are common themes within Larkins poetry. He wishes to express his views towards his home and display his emotional distance from the country. Larkin seems to possess some patriotism yet he detaches himself from many places in England due to being a poet who has encountered many changes in English society.

Larkin has a wide knowledge of various different locations and likes to express his attitudes towards the world surrounding him. Larkins poem Here presents an evocative representation of Hull during the 50s and also relates to the understanding of Larkin as the poet of provincial England. The poem however is encompassed in bias as Larkin represents his own opinions of the town which may not reflect other residents views.

Here shows elements of both urban and more rural areas, the actual here Larkin is referring to within the title remains a mystery and here is ever changing with both time and movement, in an industrial sense and as the train passes through different areas. The industrialisation of the town has altered Larkins memories of his home town. The countryside seems natural and represents images of beauty while the town seems cheap and tasteless A cut-price crowd, urban yet simple suggests the lack of worth and effort put into the creation of this place.

The residents of the area also assist in the mould; the actions of society can degrade a place significantly. The town is situated in the same place so the location has not changed yet its content has. The Whitsun Weddings is referring to England during a time of spiritual rebirth. Larkin is referring to another journey, he is traveling south through England observing differences. The first stanza shows the poet is escaping from the urban district into the seaside which like Here mirrors his personal issues, escaping the pressures of present life.

The changing location illustrates Larkins requirement for change in his own life. At first the mood is unhurried sense of being in a hurry gone but as the train journey continues the mood quickens to show his interest in what he is encountering. As the poet travels through the town and sights all the weddings taking place on this Whitsun weekend he views them as almost clichi?? , the people reflect the location they are in which Larkin believes to be distasteful. By using a train journey Larkin is able to demonstrate the changes within locations and what you might expect from these areas.

The industrialisation of many of these places reflects the changing generation, grinning and pomaded girls he views these girls as being false and attempting to change their appearance just like industrialisation can modify an area. When his journey comes to a stop the poem slows down significantly due to the use of punctuation, the poet is detaching himself from this world of industrialisation and the use of negative connotations such as, past standing Pullmans and blackened moss demonstrate this.

Larkin feels it was a traveling coincidence that he ended up on this journey which would reveal so much about life and fill him with so much inspiration. Mr. Bleaney is another poem with references to location and place however, a more enclosed space is described. A room is the primary focus of this poem, Mr Bleaneys room. He stayed the whole time he was at the Bodies, till they moved him. The room is described as an impersonal setting which is rather bleak; the reference to they that moved him has connotations of death which creates further eerie surroundings.

Bleaneys character is represented within the content of the room, empty and dull however, these qualities are able to attract certain people as the house of Mr. Bleaney is re-purchased. In this poem the place is used to symbolise the primary character suggesting how people shape their surroundings. The room is used to simplify a position for life Bed, upright chair, sixty-watt bulb Larkin has excluded the indefinite and definite article in order to create further tension, is this the situation everyone will eventually find themselves in, indistinct? Larkin spent a period of his life living in Ireland; however this area felt alien to him.

Although he was still in the United Kingdom, accents were different and he experienced a constant reminder of being outside his own comfort zone. The Importance of Elsewhere represents all these feelings yet it also explains how he can in fact feel comfort in change and difference as it can be used for inspiration. Larkin was able to write some of his best poetry in the periods he was away from his home of England. Isolation within location is a theme explored in this poem, Larkin does not feel at one with the country when he is in Ireland yet he views this as being tolerable while he feels when in England he needs to feel accepted.

The Importance of Elsewhere describes the scenic area of Ireland draughty streets, end-on to hills, the faint archaic smell of dockland the poet finds the environment inspiring as it possesses Romantic elements within its remoteness. This has been his journey into difference in both location and feeling. Larkin uses location and place to represent issues within his life. He feels inspired by changes in locations through movement as well as time. Larkins journeys show his reaction to different places and how the changes reflect his personal experiences.

Places can reflect people and vice versa and this is how particular societies are formed. The change of place due to industrialisation also reflects the situation of Britain at the time and represents Larkins views on these issues. He does not seem particularly enthused with change which reflects the issues with time and movement concerning personal concerns. Place is significant for addressing further matters thus it is used considerably within Larkins poetry.

Locations and place can also be concealed within false advertising as shown in Sunny Prestatyn however Larkin clarifies that it is harder to conceal society than place especially when you visit these areas. Change in location can also give you freedom within society which can be a positive visit these places. Change in location can also give you freedom within society which can be a positive aspect; Larkin demonstrates this in The Importance of Elsewhere as he shows how different places generate mixed feelings. Larkins poetry shows how location and place shapes many different aspects of life and influences his inspiration for writing.

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