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Published: 2020-01-30 12:21:38
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Developed Countries Prejudiced Against Developing Countries. Should Environmental Protection Take Precedence Over Economic Development? Environmental protection versus economic development. Which is more important? There is a great deal of animosity between developed and developing countries today. Most developed countries, have become more environmentally friendly and responsible. Take for instance, the use of nuclear power over the traditional fossil fuels. Or the implementation of carbon credits. These are some steps taken by developed countries to protect the environment.

However, todays new superpowers such as China and India are experiencing breakneck economic growth and progress. In the process of doing so, these countries have accelerated environmental degradation. Take for instance, according to statistics, China opens one new coal-powered every week, adding more and more carbon dioxide to our atmosphere. These startling new developments in developing countries have created a much heated debate between developed and developing countries, over the issue of whether environmental protection should take precedence over economic development.

Does this author agree with the motion then? This author does not. This essay will discuss some of the reasons as to why this author thinks so. Firstly, most developing nations do not possess the necessary funding, infrastructure and expertise required to implement market-based strategies to ensure sustainable development. Poor countries are often dependant on producing primary products, goods that are labour intensive and low in value. These industries are by nature highly pollutive then the more environmentally friendly high-tech light industries.

Economic development and industrial progress happen in phases. Without the early stage, albeit pollutive industries, there will be no foundation for the development of the less pollutive high-tech industries. Therefore, such developing countries, while not totally neglecting their environmental responsibilities, should not be unduly penalised for their actions. They should be given time to catch up and assume more responsibilities in the future. Moreover, it is highly unreasonable to expect developing nations to entirely share the green concerns of their developed counterparts.

As the word developing suggests, developing countries are going through a different social and development phase as compared to developed countries. As a result, such countries may sometimes have other much morepressing issues to deal with. Take for example, if a country has large number of citizens who are still in abject poverty, how could resources be allocated to pursue environmentally friendly research activities? Obviously eradicating poverty is a much more important issue that the country has to deal with. In such a situation, environmental protection obviously cannot take precedence over economic development

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