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Sonys Play station 3 is slated to be a next generation computer entertainment console which will provide the facility of playing titles which are available on PlayStation and PlayStation 2. In addition it is also enabling internet connectivity for downloading a variety of games as also access to online games and services. It can support a wide range of NTSC/PAL standards on the TV including high definition TV. (Introducing Play station 3, 2006). Nintendo Nintendo has been an established leader in the interactive entertainment industry for many years. It has successfully sold one billion video games worldwide.

It markets hardware and software for its popular home video systems such as the Game Cube and the Game Boy series which the company claims to be the worlds best selling video game system. (History, 2006). The company has been developing its consoles based on technology developments and the needs of the customers. Software is also built up to support the consoles in a consolidated mode. Nintendo entered the American market after the industry had virtually crashed in the 1980s and exploited the performance play as per Kline, Dyer-Witherford and Peuter (2003) by introducing proprietary standards and denying competition for other players.

It also created brand loyalty by having a magazine for its product and also created sustainment lines so that the product was effectively supported after sales, a novel concept in the entertainment industry but which is essential for experiential marketing. This company as per Kline, Dyer-Witherford and Peuter (2003) was the first to close the technology, culture and marketing loop as others followed suit to ape Nintendo.

The company has also recently launched a Nintendo WiFi connection which will enable the Nintendo DS owners to connect with gamers around the World and it is reported that over 10 million connections were made available only two months from launching. Its Resident Evil 4 programme on Game Cube was adjudged by many as the best game of the year as per the company. (History, 2006). The other innovation was to develop the companys programme of Game Play Counselors on the web to provide the gamers and developers instant connect with the company.

(History, 2006). Nintendo has also sponsored Digipen program at the DigiPen Institute of Technology which is an accredited college level program for designing video gaming applications. The company has initiated this keeping in view the large number of requests it has been receiving from gamers as well as amateur developers. The company also has a Nintendo Power magazine which communicates with the gamers. Contests such as Players Poll care enable the company to get feedback from gamers and also rate its own games for further sponsoring and development.

The company has an active forums program from which game ideas are developed (http://forums. nintendo. com/nintendo) Nintendo also has a policy for licensing a number of third party publishers to use its patenting technology, copy rights and trade marks to develop video games (Legal, 2006). Nintendo also has a very powerful community participation program called as NSider forum which provides Nintendo fans a venue for discussion through message boards, posting questions and answers, discussions and email on new activities.

This acts as a powerful link between the company, the gamers and the developers. (Community Participation, 2006). Micro Soft Micro Soft has been the latest entrant in the field of console gaming. It has also depended on the resources of developers and consumers to progress its gaming strategy, despite the considerable software resources that the company has at its disposal as the worlds leading legacy software developer.

It has two programs which are specifically targeted at the developers and consumers for providing it inputs for game development. Micro Soft Xbox Developer programs enable developers, publishers, tool makers and hardware vendors to support the Xbox and Xbox 360 video consoles. The Registered Developer Program in particular has been designed to allow access to external developers to the hardware and support of Xbox and Xbox 360 and take advantage of the features to develop software and support projects for the Xbox consoles.

Xbox Central and Xbox 360 Central web sites permit access to those who have been accepted for this program and also for participation in technical seminars and sessions. (Xbox Developer Programs, 2006) The Xbox 360 Registered Content Creator Program is a similar program which allows freelance content creators access to Xbox 360 content creation tools to enable them to secure projects for Xbox console. These positions are offered by Microsoft Game Studios. (Xbox 360 Registered Content Creator Program. 2006)

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