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Published: 2020-02-26 06:02:55
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The above review establishes the significance of training in the companies, and thus sets the stage to review about what could be the desirable steps to formulate appropriate training modules. Going by the modern trend, the task of implementing and maintaining training system in a company is usually done by its Human Resource Management Department, though there are independent organizations who offer training solutions of various types, ranging from online to on-site training.

However, it is understandable that no training module can be effective unless it goes through some basic steps like individual analysis of the employees, the nature of training required to meet the objective of the company, the state of knowledge bank or the level of individual and collective competency, etc. provide valuable inputs in the formation of the training module, which can range from individual to collectivity, which might even include curriculum for the employers.

For example, if the analyses show that the employers need to have a comprehensive understanding about the motivation and reward system, then that might command inclusion of a module covering theories like Maslows hierarchy of need (Maslow 1943) or ERG Theory (ERG, 2008). It is expected that the analyses should cover both the external and the internal situation of the company to underpin the areas and nature of training. For example, if the internal analysis shows that the employees lack in culture competency, then that would include the appropriate elements in the training module to develop cultural competency.

The objective of training should be to equip the employees to meet the challenge of change, which involves technical and general knowledge, technical skill, right attitude and high level of motivation. Thus if one looks at the requirements of an organization to run effectively, the significance of the following factors cannot be ignored: 1. Company philosophy or business philosophy: This refers to the basic concept of running business, by following theories like Sustainable Competitive Advantage (SCA) as prescribed by Michael Porter (1980) or Opportunity Creation and Exploitation (OCE), as suggested by Evan M.

Dudik (2000). 2. Employee Skills: The employees should be skilled enough to save the cost of production, as well as establish the reputation of the company regarding quality. Besides that, rapid change in technology demands a consistent process of learning requisite skills to exploit it. 3. Employee knowledge: Knowledge should serve as the guiding force towards completing any task, as knowledge helps all to gain greater understanding about what they are doing and why they are doing so, which together help to develop the idea to how to do better. Thus there should be a regular update in the employees knowledge bank.

4. Employee motivation: Motivation is the key driver of any action and thus the employees should be motivated enough to perform their tasks with total focus and involvement. 5. Employee adaptability: Adaptability is another factor which companies cannot do without, as the globalisation has ushered the era of multiculturalism in the workplaces everywhere. Thus employees need cultural competency to adapt themselves with this multicultural environment to create and maintain harmonious and positive interpersonal relationships among themselves. This too requires proper training.

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