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Different Products at Alton Towers Task- Describe ten products which make Alton Towers famous. Explain who these products cater for. There are many products at Alton Towers which cater for many different types of people. Alton Towers is a very famous theme park which is well known for its variety in rides and other various products which cater for a wide range of ages. It has things from rides to gift shops and hotels to restaurants. Products at Alton Towers On e product which is at Alton Towers is the rides, there are many rides at Alton Towers which are available to many different ages, some of these rides are: River Rapids

River rapids is one of many water rides which are situated at Alton Towers. The River rapids are available to all ages and are great fun. Experience the bumps, spray and wall of water. There are many twists and turns in the River Rapids. The Rapids have a minimum ride height of 0. 9m unless you are accompanied by an adult and therefore anyone of any age can go on this spectacular ride. Log Flume The log flume is also a water ride at Alton Towers which is for families. Enjoy this ride which is 1km on water and is suitable for all ages but if you are under 1. 1 metres then you will have to be accompanied by an adult.

The log flume is a very enjoyable ride and was once one of the longest rides in the world. Nemesis The nemesis is the third most thrilling ride at Alton towers and is a white knuckle ride. This massive ride has a length of 2min 55 sec. This ride is suitable for teenagers and adults and has a minimum ride height of 1. 4 metres. The Nemesis has many drops and loops which you would find exhilarating. It has g-forces greater than when a space shuttle takes off. Rita This amazing ride goes from 0 100kmph in 2. 5 seconds and it can reach g forces of up to 4. 7g and a minimum g force of 0.

7 and on take off has a max g force of 1. 5 g. This is without a doubt the most thrilling ride Alton Towers and it has a minimum ride height of 1. 4m. There are many other products which are at Alton Towers and one of these products are:- Hotels- Alton Towers has two hotels one is called Splash Landings and the other is the Alton Towers hotel. The Alton Towers hotel has many different products which you can use. You can go to the secret gardens hotel and have a beautiful meal whilst you look over the beautiful landscaped gardens or you can have a lovely drink in the oriental dragons bar.

The Alton Towers hotel has many themed rooms these themed rooms are- 1. The sleepover suite 2. The chocolate suite-view 1 3. The chocolate suite-view 2 4. The Arabian nights suite 5. The celebration suite 6. The imperial suite 7. The peter rabbit burrow suite 8. The Benjamin bunny suite 9. The big pyjamas suite The other hotel which is at Alton Towers is Splash Landings. Splash Landings hotel has a water park attached to it, you can stay in the beachcomber rooms which recreate a beach style hut. Whilst in the Water Park you can go to quenchers and have something to eat or drink.

You can also go to ma garitas and enjoy some lovely cocktails. Restaurants There are many restaurants at Alton Towers. Alton Towers has many themed restaurants but it also has some high street chains such as Mc Donalds, kfc and pizza hut. The themed restaurants at Alton Towers consist of eastern European, Caribbean and Mexican. The good thing about the high street chains at Alton Towers is that they charge the same amount for there products as they do everywhere else. There is a restaurant which is situated next to the oblivion called the Rehydrator the rehydrator has the same theme as the Oblivion where every thing is made out of metal.

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