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Published: 2017-12-26 11:34:18
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Evaluate ways in which concerns about poor practice can be reported whilst ensuring whistle blowers and those who practice or behaviour being questioned are protected. The whistle blowing policy states that it is committed to openness, probity and accountability. The policy gives a voice to employees and others who have concerns about malpractice or feel that someone is not doing their job in school. In policies provide help and support if a member of staff for others need to speak up and feel that they are been supported.

The school will take any concerns seriously and deal with them following procedures. The purpose of the policy is to make people feel that they are someone to talk to voice their concerns. How to raise the concern, you need to speak to a member of the SLT or write to the chair the governors. You will get a response within five working days. You will be asked to attend a meeting to voice your concerns and discuss them, they ask you write the problem down and give the names dates and places.

After the meeting within 10 days you will receive a letter of your concern has been received and it outlined the issues and then tell you how they will deal with the matter if needed. If the SLT or chair a governor decides that an investigation is needed they will advise local authority, procedures for safeguarding of children will be followed. The investigation will not be carried out by anyone in your line management.

If an investigation is carried out you will be informed of what is happening. The information that will be given to you may not be all the data involved because of the data protection act. If there is an anonymous allegation it can often be difficult to investigate it is better to raise concern in person. Anonymous allegations are investigated if the issue is a serious, the credibility of the allegation, being able to confirm the allegation (enough evidence).

How the school trees whistleblowers. If you make an allegations in good faith no action will be taken against you if you make malicious allegations then disciplinary action can be taken against you. Disciplinary action can also be taken against other members of staff who try and stop employees raising concerns. Anybody who raises a concern has the opportunity to give feedback about any problems that you may have received this is so employees who raise a concern in good faith does not suffer.

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