Dangling Wires and Meatworks Poetry Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05
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Through the medium of poetry, composers are able to powerfully convey ideas and express personal opinions of the world around them. Robert Gray, an Australian poet who is known for his effective use of visual imagery, clearly evokes ideas and express personal concerns of Global warming sacrafice His incorporation of explicit language techniques, such as diction further accentuates his perspective towards the world around us. Flames, Dangling wires and Meatworks are a great examples of how Gray uses language devices to powerfully voice his opinions.

Gray is a poet with many opinions and ideas to express, he effectively puts these ideas through poetry. One of Grays many influential poems Flames, dangling wires is a great example of how he conveys his ideas and opinions in his poetry. Flames, dangling wires is a poem about a filthy dump tip that is always burning in front of a city. Gray describes the dump as a cause of our actions. In this poem Gray has effectively uses sensory imagery. The smell is huge, blasting the mouth dry A technique used in this text is sensory imagery which triggers our taste buds.

The word blasting is the most noticeable word in this text, blasting is an uncommon word to describe a smell, it is unexpected. Gray is trying to say that there are no words to describe the smell, Grays intentions on using the word blasting is to disgust us and so that we understand more clearly on the situation. Throughout the poem gray is describing in detail how sickening the dump tip is, as we reach the end of them poem Gray discuses about the consequences from our actions. This is how it shall be after the men have gone. He is saying that the mess we make is not going away and that it is stuck with us forever.

Gray is known for a lot of poems, his poems talk about danger, global warming, and in this case doing what it takes to provide for loved ones, Meatworks. Meatworks is a poem about a hardworking man and his wife moving to a place but they are tight on money but in order too keep his place he is forced to work in an abattoir, but doesnt seem to enjoy it. In this poem Gray repeatedly and effectively describes the environment hes in by using techniques such sensory imagery Where concrete gutters crawled off heavily, and the hot, fertilizer thick, sticky stench of blood sent flies mad .

This ext has many techniques in it, the most effective technique used in this text is sensory imagery, Gray has effectively applied this technique in the line The hot, fertilizer thick, sticky stench of blood sent flies mad this sensory imagery immediately disgust us, planting a disturbing image in our heads. Flies are known to be around rotten food so when Gray added sent flies mad we have an idea of the imagery and can sort of imagine the smell. The text makes the audience understand that the abattoir is not a pleasant place to work at, and really demonstrates the sacrifice the man is giving to provide for his family.

Gray is making us understand the sacrifice some people make everyday to provide for their loved ones. To conclude with, it is without doubt that Robert Gray clearly evokes his opinions and ideas on the world around him through his poetry. Opinions including social decline and global warming issues and that he effectively uses imagery in his poems Flames, dangling wire and Meatworks. It is also evident that gray brings issues concerning society and that what we do will eventually catch on to us.

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