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Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05
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In the short story Dancer written by Vickie Sears, depicts a sense of loss identity,which is found later in the story. The narrator who is the foster mother of Clarissa is telling her story. Clarissa is a five year old aboriginal foster girl from a tribe called Assiniboin. Clarissa is angry,scared and doesnt trust anyone. Every year the family goes to a pow-wow to celebrate the beginning of the new school year. Clarissa has never been nor seen the great spiritual celebration of a pow-wow.

At first,Clarissa paid no attention and did not care to be there until she seen an old women by the name of Molly Graybull. Molly danced wonderfully that mesmerized Clarissa. After that night,something woke Clarissas spirit. She slowly improves her character and starts to lose her anti-social behavior. Clarissa liked the sound of the drumming and really wanted to learn how to dance.

Dancing made Clarissa feel like she found her roots and belongs in the pow-wow circle.she becomes free of anger and discontent while she dances. In conclusion, the writer shows us that Clarissa has found her inner piece, she gains a sense of community and now can unveil hidden talents that she never knew she possessed. This little girl was able to capture the spirit of dance through the Elder Molly Graybull and radiates with pride when she herself dances, a strong sense of peace comes over her as she finally gains her true identity as an Assiniboin Native.

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