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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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The movie as well as the book Da Vinci Code exemplified a work of fiction intertwined with details of non-fiction (Wikipedia, The Da Vinci Code). It is also a work of fiction that represented the anxiety of humans or paranoia about the worlds current system (Tuckett 1) that explain events or set of circumstances as the result of a secret plot by usually powerful conspirators (Merriam-Webster, Conspiracy Theory) commonly called Conspiracy Theories.

Since its publication, it has spawned many debates about history including Knights Templar, Leonardo da Vinci and the Priori of Scion, as well as Roman Catholicism, including Mary Magdalene, the Papacy and especially about Opus Dei, which the critics would label as conspiracy theories (Wikipedia, The Da Vinci Code, 2 & 80).

With such a theme, in fact, the book has received mostly negative reviews from Catholic and other Christian communities (Wikipedia, The Da Vinci Code, 62) because it is a work of fiction, and it is not a reliable source of information on these matters (Opus Dei Information Office, The Da Vinci Code, 1). Nonetheless, based on the resources and background of the books contents, the book shows that it is not only popular culture that creates questions about the world but is a reflection of collective delusions, delusions that are nevertheless real fears and real social problems (Bale 51).

As according to Bale (2007), conspiracy theories have a recurring feature of belief system as, there is an existence of vast, insidious, preternaturally effective conspiratorial network designed to perpetrate acts of the most fiendish characters, acts that aim to undermine and destroy the way of life. In addition, conspiracy theories instigate the trustworthiness of public institutions of information (Kelley, 2002), because some information had been hidden to keep this malevolence on human life secret.

These fears had been incurred to the Opus Dei organization because of this feature, namely, they are a network and they are secretive of their activities around the world. In this paper, the participation of Opus Dei in conspiracy theories would be given attention to. As outlined in the introduction, the organization had been suspected of its activities in relation to its effects on society because of its secretive nature and its worldwide expansion.

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