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Published: 2020-02-11 06:40:10
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Each and every work field, be it management, biomedical research, medicine and many others, have problems. This is the same way aviation too has problems. In the past, there have been problems with the pilots not being attentive in there job and causing accidents. There have also been other causes of accidents such as ineffective devices in the aircrafts or engine problems. As years go by, improvements have been made so that many of the problems in aviation, which mainly are safety barriers, have been handled with current aircraft models having the required efficiency and safety devices.

Safety procedures have also been improved by the management and regulatory bodies. Still there are problems. The problems can never end and so studies have to be conducted on them to determine how they can be eliminated as they arise. Different times come with different problems due to the experiences in the world. This report is about the current problems in aviation. Introduction There are so many problems in the aviation field. The problems are from different departments for example in the management department, in the consultation department, engineering department, regulatory bodies and so many other areas involved in aviation.

The major problem though is just the accidents that do occur in the aviation field. There are several reasons why aviation accidents do occur. These are reasons such as human error, unfavorable climate, technical problems and many others (Jekins, 2007). The field of aviation needs to improve so that the services provided to the customers or even the military are of quality. In the military, the soldiers or their leaders always dictate what form or model of aircraft they need depending on their military operations (Wood, 2007).

They therefore guide the aircraft manufacturers to improve on certain aircraft models adding the features they need. This is also another problem. Some military heads do not agree on the improved models leading to problems in the military aircrafts due to already identified cause. This paper gives a report on the current aviation problems. These are just some of the problems experienced in aviation. The aviation team can never rely on meteorologists alone to predict the kind of climate expected in years to come so as to know what kind of steps to take.

They have to deal with the short term predictions in making of new models that can be used during that period. The flight operations have to change too as time goes by. This is the importance of studying any current problems in the aviation field. It is for safety purposes and if to consider more, earn more profit as it is not just an non-profit making industry. Information is retrieved from Internet sources with the current problems and from books with information about the current problems. The Current Problems

Just as previously indicated, aviation problems mostly are the accidents which cause people their lives, but there is also an importance to the problems that are identified. They make the aviation team, that is the manufacturers, the pilots and all those involved in the fields aware of the problems so that corrective measures can be taken. Since accidents is a crucial factor, so many improvements have been done to ensure safety. Some managers even let the technical staff discuss the problems they know in order to have all the information they need about preventing problems of accidents (Sivasundaram, 2000).

There have been problems before which is an obvious thing (Wood, 2007), but currently, there may be some new issues in aviation leading to problems. In several management departments of different companies, there have been management problems that cannot be excluded from the list of problems, but may be there are some new causes leading to different things in management. Major concern, accidents in the aviation, are caused by the three factors previously mentioned. Human error, technical problems, or the climate (Wood, 2007).

The climate shall never cease to be a problem, as the climate changes with time so that what is experienced this year, will not be the case in the next year. Another issue on climate change is global warming, which may cause different changes in the air. If global warming is now being experienced, there are high chances that some different kind of climatic change will be experienced some other thousand or hundred years to come (Kaplan, 2002). Current problems can be related to the causes of accidents. Climate is one, which as indicated before, will never change.

Climatic change will always be a problem unless the changes become consistent, so that specific climate is known to come during a specific period of time, which can never happen based on the fact that human has different activities that affect the climate too. Human activities can never be constant, can they? They do change more often with the unsatisfied demands and the quest to invent. This is also in the aviation work field (Walters et al. , 2000). The other constant problem is human error, this too can never change as human actions can never be predicted (Speiser, 2008).

They can though be reduced by identification of how the error occurred by making corrections. An example is in the use of some techniques in flying like spinning, which is mostly in the military. A large percentage of aircraft accidents have occurred due to human error, which can be eliminated by thorough training and any other appropriate measures. The pilots and other aircraft crew are always blamed for inattention, forgetfulness and moral weakness (Beaty, 2004). The third constant cause of problems in the aviation work field is the aircraft itself.

The model in relation to the function given and inefficiency of some parts of the aircraft like the engine. Problems due to miscommunication/inefficient communication system: Most investigations reveal that accidents do occur just because the pilot did not understand the instructions or because the device of communication is ineffective (Beaty, 2004). Problems due to management: Managers and regulators also contribute to the problems in aviation. They may not contribute directly but promote the conditions for failure.

Operational pressures of the daily duties of operators in the aviation work field influence their behavior. These pressures are caused by the management decisions of the company (Cohn, 2003). The problems that do occur then lead to the intervention by the regulatory and certification bodies that have to provide an environment under which management will operate (Cohn, 2003). Another problem is the negligence by the management to maintain the aircrafts so that they are in good condition always (Cohn, 2003). A major contributing factor to aircraft accidents is the faulty engines, communication devices and so many others.

If there are appropriate devices that have been made as a result of corrections from the previous problems, then they should be maintained to reduce accidents due to avoidable circumstances. So many accidents have been due to lack of good maintenance of the aircrafts. Others have been due to the inefficiency of some of the devices used especially in communication. In general, there are five major problems in the aviation field which are mostly on lack of satisfactory safety. What other problem can be there in aviation other than safety problems, and the common ones of poor management?

Aircraft is all about air transport, which needs only efficiency and safety. Efficiency is though wide as different aircrafts are meant for different purposes, for example those meant for extinguishing fire, the military aircrafts and the commercial aircrafts, but what is important in all of them is the efficiency and safety. Reason for Conducting Research Accidents in aviation has never cease, and sot there has to be a way in which they can be reduced. There are several problems in aviation that lead to accidents which have to be identified.

The problems change from time to time depending on the changes in the world, that is, of climate, of human needs, changes in technology and even changes in management. Current problems have to be identified to find out new solutions if possible, for air transport would not lag behind as other industries progress. Efficiency results from correcting the mistakes, doing research to find out effective methods of operation and ensuring safety. This is the main aim of looking for the current problems in the aviation field. Objectives: To do research on the current problems in aviation from various sources.

Methods of Collecting Information Information was obtained from books showing the current problems as indicated by various aviation safety departments and other sources with information about aviation problems. After accidents have occurred, investigations have always been done, and in fact in aviation, there are teams responsible for that. These teams come up with the various causes of accidents which are the major problems of aviation, this acted as a source for information required in this research. Importance of the Research

There have been problems in the field from the time aircraft use began to the current situations. Studying the current problems may enlighten the relevant professionals or companies responsible for the various areas where problems occur to make corrections. This may be on the devices used in the aircraft, on the type of the aircraft, on management of the aviation industry companies and so many others. The problems obviously have their causes and these are the important elements needed by manufacturing companies, managers and other relevant people involved in the aviation field.

Manufacturers would also like to produce new aircrafts with less defects or problems. This can only be done by studying the problems of the previous models. The study of the current aviation problems therefore is important to the manufacturing industries involved in aviation products for future decisions and aircraft models. It is also important for future actions of the managers, engineers, technical advisers and many other professionals involved in the aviation field since it will provide the base of improvement. Conclusion

Accidents have been established to be the major problem in the aviation profession and operations. There are various causes of accidents which are considered too, to be problems in the aviation. These are, problems due to human error, problems due to management, problems due to climatic changes and problems due to negligence of aircraft maintenance. How to solve these problems can be established, but this has to be done after conducting some research since some causes of the problems change especially the climate and the type of model of the aircraft and how it should be maintained.

Recommendation Based on the fact that the world changes and every field of work experiences changes, problems should always be investigated and corrective measures taken. Climate, human error and aircraft model are the major concern when it comes to problems. Eliminating them totally is not easy. It is therefore appropriate to set up a department of research to look into the problems more often to reduce the problems. Exposure of the problems enlightens the people about where the mistake might have occurred and therefore encourages making improvements based on what is seen or experienced.

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