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Published: 2020-02-23 08:20:08
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Croygas Sports club has many roles and responsibilities that people have to fill. Here is a list of these roles and responsibilities of the personnel involved in the club: President A president is the title given to a person who is head of an organisation or company. The president at Croygas Sports Club is a figure head for the club, and shows up at different functions to represent the club. Chairman The chairman takes a more hands on role in the sport clubs day to day management. The chairman is the presiding officer of meetings, organisations and committee.

Secretary The secretary of this club performs routine and personal task tasks for a superior. The secretary performs duties such as typing, making tea, sending letters etc. The secretary will have to be very organised making sure that all the files and paperwork are kept neat and tidy. Social Secretary The social secretary organises and handles the personal details of clients; they are very similar to a personal assistant. This person will require strong communication skills because they will be communicating with people a lot and basic computer literacy because all there work is based on the computer.

Treasurer The treasurer is responsible for running the treasury. They are employed by organisations to look after the funds. The treasurer would oversee how the money is spent, making sure that they dont over or under spend. Publicity Officer The publicity officer is the key person in charge of publicising events and activities run by Croygas. This person is also responsible for the clubs policies and procedures e.g. the clubs policy on the welfare of children.

The most important member of the club is the president. He is the founder of the club and has the biggest responsibility of looking after Croygas and making sure that everyone is doing their jobs properly. He also chooses to hire and fire staff, it is his decision how to use the money that the club raises and what to spend it on. He has a big impact on the club, because he has helped it to develop the club into a family orientated club that is currently highly successful in the football and cricket leagues.

The chairman of Croygas has a more hands on role at the club. He has a big influence on the club and is always ever present in meetings and committees. He will be informed and up-to-date on all the information that is happening at the club and it his job to keep the president informed with this information. He will work with the president, deciding on future plans together and ways of improving the club.

The secretary is just as important to the club as the president or the chairman. She has to sort out all the paper wok into files making sure that it is all organised and easy to access. A lot of the work the secretary does doesnt get seen, they do things like answering the phones, writing and sending out letters, organise things such as quiz nights and fixtures etc. The secretary is the main organiser at the club and plays a vital role in making the club successful, without the secretary, there would be nobody to organise paper work and keep files etc.

The treasurer deals with the financial side of the business. They have a lot of control over the money and how the money is pumped into the club. The treasurer has a lot of work to do with things like organising fund raising activities, sponsorship, match and sub fees etc. There is a lot of organising to do and the president relies on the treasurers advice to decide what to spend the clubs money on. The social secretary and the publicity officer both play similar roles as the secretary; they deal more with organising events to help raise money, and not so much paper work as the secretary.

There are a number of problems that a club faces, and they would have to devise an action plan to improve the operation of the club. These problems include relegation. If a team is relegated from the Premier League to the Championship, then they will lose money in a number of different ways. Firstly the stadium wont have as many fans coming to watch the games because they are of lower standard and they want to see the best teams play, therefore they will lose money because they arent getting the same gate receipts as the previous season.

Some of the best players in the relegated team might attract interest from bigger teams, and the chances are that these players will want a move away from the relegated team because they want to play at the highest standard possible. Also teams will find it hard to reject a respectable offer for their best player, because they need the money to help with the finances, and because of the loss of money due to relegation, the club might not be able to afford the wages that these players are earning, so they might be forced to leave the club that can pay the wages of the players. Relegation can give clubs a problem regarding money from television companies such as Sky Sports and the BBC, the teams wont be shown on the television and will lose money because of this. Teams that are in the Premier League receive a lot of money from these companies so that they can go television.

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