Crossing The Threshold Essay

Published: 2020-01-19 21:52:44
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Your weakness may become your biggest strength in life. Courage is to remain strong no matter what obstacles you are face with or what you are currently going through but when you make it through you know the battle is over. You are your biggest enemy and to defeat yourself is a big accomplishment. Jacqueline Howard battled through the toughest thing she ever thought she would have to go through in life. Although she was under pressure and stressed out Jackie still managed to stay strong not only for herself but for her family as well.

Jacqueline Howard was determined to stay strong after she received some unexpected news that could possible effect not only her life but also her family. Jackie was diagnosed with breast cancer and had the option to do radiation, and chemo therapy or to just go on ahead and have the double mastectomy. She knew that this was a strong gene that ran in the family so she did not want to take any risk and live on knowing that the cancer may return. Jacqueline decided to go ahead with her decision and have the surgery to get her breast removed. This was the biggest decision she ever had to make in her life. Not only was she terrified but she did not want her kids to worry about whats going to happen. After her surgery she said that she felt the best she ever felt in years knowing that she did the best thing for her health.

Furthermore, Jacqueline did not let her battle with breast cancer stop her from accomplishing her goals in life. She has to be a mother to her children, wife to her husband, and also a student. Jackie is now going to school to receive a PhD. On top of that she already has a masters, and a bachelors. She always told me no matter what obstacles life throws at you to always stay strong and carry on. She is the true meaning of courage. Jackie kept calm at all times and never let her illness affect her lifestyle in anyway necessary. She is a really strong and brave woman, and she made a point that all is possible no matter the circumstance.

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