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Published: 2020-01-17 14:12:37
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Websites have different ways of communicating with people. These information also help the public in understanding what has been unknown to them for the past couple of years. The purpose of these websites is to help the growing public understand the different advancements that have been happening around us. Out of the thousands of websites, three stood out the most. These include the American Psychological Association, Sleepnet, and the Internet Mental Health. The American Psychological Association website was the most broad among the three websites.

Upon navigation to the site, readers soon become attracted to the words that were shown in the website. In addition to this, quick links may also be seen in the side of the website. These include more specific topics that may be of great assistance to the viewers. In addition to this, the public are also given the opportunity to see things that are beyond their reach. Updates and news about different psychological disorders are given importance, and made visible to the public. This is something of great importance to people, for they are given the opportunity to comprehend things that are unknown to them.

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The website of Sleepnet, on the other hand, looks more intriguing than that of the American Psycological Association. Unlike the first website, this website has been divided into six different links. For those who feel embarrassed in viewing the website, the links makes it possible for them to make their viewing more private. In addition to this, their issues are categorized in the six links provided. The third website, the Internet Mental Health, is the website that is heavy in text. When one sees the website, the readers would become curious as to the heavy text that welcomes them in the website.

As compared to the two other websites, these websites are more focused in the supporting evidences that prove their premise. The two previous websites are more reader friendly, providing links to the particular information needed by the reader. The last one, however, does not catch the readers attention, except for the fact that the whole website is filled with text. What the creator should have done is to limit the words that may be seen by the readers. The attention span of people is relatively small, so such would result to the disinterest of readers.

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