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Published: 2019-11-29 00:22:50
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Statement of Problem

Buy-a-motor is a car trading company. It puts the sellers of second hand cars in touch with those who want to buy them. They normally keep records in filling cabinets and contact people through telephone and letter, and buyers call them for info on the cars, which are available to meet there requirements. However this method has become out dated and they need to improve. I will need to create a database that can display all of their data, as efficent but hopefully better than the excising system.

Investigation and Analysis

If Buy-a-motor change their system to a database the information will be quicker to access and it would be more efficient as they would not have to use paper to print everything. There could also email their files to people to speed up the service. To research what type of data and information are included in adverts for cars I went to these different areas

* Auto Trader

* My Dad

* The Internet

I found that they all agreed that you want to know:

1. The Age

2. The Make/ Model

3. If its had an MOT

4. Its Service History

5. Cost

And The Miles

My dad said that you might also want to know:

1. If its been an Insurance Write Off

2. Its Colour

3. Previous Owners

Item to be Shown

Why its Important

General Info e.g. Miles/Write Off/Previous Owners

It is Convenient to know if your car has been a write off for when you seek insurance. The Miles and Previous Owners are also handy to know

The Name of Seller

So that buyers and Sellers can distinguish cars Easily

The Area

So that Buyers/Sellers know were they will have to travel

Details of Owner

For Checks or Contact


This would be needed in order to identify the seller, and for use when greeting them on the phone.

First name

This is not necessary, but I think it should be implemented, because if two people had the same surname, which is very likely, then they could be searched for by first name.


This would be needed for sending correspondence to sellers, and also for matching customers with cars in their area, because someone living in the North West would not want to be referred to a car for sale in the South East.

Email address

If the seller does have an email address, this would allow for quicker and cheaper contact with them.

Home telephone

This would be needed for contact with the seller.

Second telephone

This would be needed to contact the seller if they were at work or they were out.

Contact times

This would be needed if the seller were only available at certain times of the day.


This is needed to give the customer the model of car they want, and to distinguish between cars.


This is needed if the customer is not interested in a particular model, but they would like a car from a certain manufacturer.


Because the buyer might only like certain colours of cars.


So checks can be made on the car, such as whether it has been stolen.


Because people are only willing to spend so much on a car.


Because extras entice people into buying a car, and some people might want a certain extra in their car.

Number of owners

Because some people want to know how many people have owned the car before them.

Service history

Because if this is all correct, it shows that the car has been properly looked after.

Passed checks?

This would show whether the car had passed theft checks etc.


Because some buyers will only want cars of a certain age; they do not want it if it is too old.


The Specification for the database is

* It must Store all the Details of Cars Properly, we can test if it does this, when we try to access car details, if it does not work we can correct it.

* It must be able to be altered and updated with ease (e.g. add or delete stock etc) I can test this by entering test data when it is completed.

* Allow for A search of the data base for specific cars e.g. A make or Price Range, this can be tested by, again entering in test data.

* It must be User Friendly. I can check this by getting a friend to use the system, if they can use it anyone can!


(See next sheet)

Hardware Resources

As buy-a-motor does not own their own computer system they will have to purchases all the essential Hardware. This Includes

* A Monitor, to see the information, so that it can be changed and constructed. A 15 1/2 inch will be suitable, if it is a flatscreen it will save space

* A Key Board, To enter in the data and information

* A CPU (central processing unit), so that it can be put on to a PC. A floppydisk could also be used as a storage device

* A Mouse, not essential, but it will make some of the work a lot easier.

* A Printer, so that they can give information out to people

An Internet connection would also be convenient, as they can send files much faster than Snail Mail.

Software Resources

Buy-a-motor will also need to purchase some software, these will include, but not be limited to

* Microsoft Access, for the database to be on

* Microsoft word, for writing out letters to clients

The software needs to be able to

* To save information so that it can be retrieved for later use.

* To be able to print off data, so that it can be sent to potential clients.

* Alter Data so that new cars can be added

* Inform someone when they have made a mistake (validation rule, etc)

* To be able to get sent via email to clients.

Microsoft Access can do all of the tasks, very efficiently. It is also available on the school network. To run these programs you would need a Windows operating system, preferably windows 98,2000/ME or XP.

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