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Published: 2020-01-12 03:01:24
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Crash Racism has been a big issue since the beginning of time. We have dealt with racism for as long as I can remember. In the movie crash, they deal with racism conflicts. In the beginning of the movie, two white cops pulls over a couple and once the cop saw they were an African American couple, he tells them to step out of the car even though they did nothing wrong. The cop in the movie took his anger out on the couple because earlier he was having issues with the insurance company and the guy who helped him was black.

He felt that he was mistreated by the guy at the insurance company and decided to take his anger out on the African American couple. He should have not taken his anger out on this couple because he felt he was mistreated by a black male. He could have pulled them over and ask to see the driver license and insurance, instead of telling them to step out of the car immediately like they had done something wrong. Racism is the biggest issue our society faces today. Racism is not about just one race, all different cultures and Individuals deals with racism.

He had no right to tell them to step out of the car because they were black. He could have a done the proper procedure by asking them to let him see some Identification and ran it through the system to check for warrants or to see if the driver was wanted. He also sexually assaulted the woman and blackmailed them. He thought for sure these two Individuals were criminals, because of their skin color. No one should ever judge someone because of their skin color is different from theirs.

These two Individuals were treated very unfair because they were black. This particular scene happens to a lot of individuals in the world. Not everyone is black that this happens too, because this could happen to any race in America. This movie was based on eight different characters that live in the city of Los Angles. Their stories are all intertwined with one another. They all come from different backgrounds and deal with issues dealing with racism. This movie definitely deals with stereotyping and how each of them deals with certain situations.

In the movie a couple hires a locksmith to work on the locks but as soon as the woman sees him she automatically thinks he is a gangbanger because he has tattoos and because his clothes were baggy. Her first impression is obviously stereotyping because she thinks he is a gangbanger just from his tattoos and baggy clothes. Not everyone who wears baggy clothes and has tattoos. She thinks the worse of this man, when really he is just a hard worker who wants his daughter to grow up in a nice environment.

What could have been done differently in this situation is that she could have gotten to know him by communicating, instead of judging because of his tattoos and baggy clothes. Sometimes when people come to our homes we communicate with them and get to know them, only if it was for a short period of time. We should not judge someone from what they are wearing or what tattoos are on their body. We do however, judge people without getting to know them first. If we take the time out and talk to someone we may get to know something about that person and get an impression from that.

Judging is not always fair to that individual because they may be mistaken for something they are not. Racism is everywhere we go and every corner we turn. I do feel that racism has gotten better then when it was going on during segregation. No matter where we live we will always face racism, no matter the skin color. Whether it is Chinese, black, white, Latino, or Persian we will always face racist situations. Racism is the biggest issue we face today and should be dealt with in a manner we all can overcome. No one should be judged because of their skin color, we cant help the color we were born.

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