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Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05
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Every now and then, especially in periods of crisis, the argument of restricting the access of immigrants to ones own country resurfaces. Whether a country is flourishing or struggling, there is never enough for all: theres always someone else which is too many and comes to steal your air, particularly if he is poor, dirty, not speaking well your language, and so different from you. The fear and suspicion toward the immigrants is the easiest instinct an unscrupulous leader could incite in an ignorant undiscerning crowd.

The grounds proposed to restrict immigration, and persecute or throw out foreigners, are the most selfish, vile and oblique, or specious and exploitable are its supports in any case. It is said that immigration policies must be tightened because many illegal immigrants enter the country day by day, but there does not exist a man or woman which is illegal outside a human artifice: a person can not be illegal.

It is a universal right for people to stand and inhabit the land they want when doing no harm; men and women have no other home than the one that they choose. The nationalists (and the like) want to believe or make believe that the country has reached its limit of reception, but a land, unlike a field, it is not a private property: you cannot claim its possess just because you arrived first and declare who could come in and who cannot. Nation are fictitious, borders are drawn.

It is being said that the immigrants come into the country to steal jobs and resources to the natural citizens, and profit from their welfare system, but the vast majority of newcomers come with the hope and the intent of building a living and keep themselves with fatigue, contributing to the wealth of their new country all along, whereas they undertake all the sort of jobs the so-called natural citizens dont want to do anymore. There is no natural citizen (especially in the case of Americans): everybody came from somewhere, and all have always moved, and always will. There is no right of first-class people with precedence over second-class ones; the class is one: the humankind.

The fear gets spread professing that the immigrants bring crime with them, but the crime level they raise it is the one caused by the laws that consider them illegal from the beginning, simply because they are considered undesired by an authority that doesnt grant them the right to stand where they have arrived with great difficulties and fatigue: instead of pursuing the duty of integration the states fill up their jails with whom escaped the toils of the rejections relegating these people to the fringe of society, where the crime is a means to survive, and the worst tendencies find the worst companies. Anti-immigration laws create illegality.

Nearly every emigrant flees from backgrounds of intense poverty, maladies, scarcity, violence, persecutions, hopelessness and wars (or they are simply trying to achieve a better life), and trying to stem with force an inevitable social process, byproduct of that same globalization system promoted by who opposes to fluxes of migrants, can just produce a climate of terrorism.

In the meantime, the dread and the hate toward the foreign and the diverse, and the battle of the poor against the poor(er), keep a population distracted from the real causes and persons responsible for its penalties.

Beware of a society where goods and financial capitals have more freedom of the people themselves.

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