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Published: 2019-10-10 12:36:01
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After completing my six week programme I was quite happy with the results when I re-tested my fitness. I am happy to say I improved the fitness components I set out to do this with. I drew up training sessions for each session, which I completed each week for the six weeks. After every training session I was able to complete an evaluation of the session, which I found a very valuable way to asses my contribution and to record if I had worked hard enough to reach my required training zone. From this I could include my considerations of overloading for the following week, which would make them more effective to my body.

From looking at the results I received in the retest I could see that I improved. My results went down in the standing jump and in the 10 x 5m shuttle run. In the 20m shuttle run, I increased my previous result by eighteen runs. I was extremely happy with this as cardio-vascular endurance was my focus. I also improved my result in the sit-up test, I improves by doing another fifteen sit-ups, again I was pleased as this was the other component, which I was focusing on. My results for flexibility remained the same. I believe that my training methods were successful.

If I was to carry this out again I would try to include another method of training such as fartlek training as part of my continuous training. Appraisal of my PEP For my training sessions I chose three types of training, I carried out the weight training and the continuous training in the same session and in a different session I carried out circuit training. These methods proved very beneficial to the progression of my fitness level. I was able to build up cardio-vascular fitness, which can be seen from my results I manages to partake in another eighteen runs which proves that my training sessions were working. The other main component, which I was working on was muscular endurance, from this I could also see that my training sessions were working as I managed to complete a further fifteen sit-ups within the two minutes. This will help me to be able to withstand the pace in a football match.

Throughout this personal exercise programme I managed to learn many important aspects in relation to training and vigorous exercise. I learned about the different components, which are required for high levels of performance. I also was able to understand and appreciate the true value of a warm up and cool down before and after exercise. I completed a thorough warm up and cool down before and after each of my training sessions, which prevented me from feeling fatigue during most of my training session. Raised heart beat will help me to perform better throughout a game of Gaelic football.

Because I wasnt carrying out heavy training sessions for a few months I wasnt entirely fit, and because of this I began to feel and burning sensation due to the build up of lactic acid during the beginning of my first few training sessions, especially the first few circuit training session. From this I decided to increase the jog in my cool down to help prevent the feeling of soreness. I also concentrated more on my warm up. I was able to design effective training programmes by using the F.I.T.T principle and the SPORT principle, from these I was able to see exactly was I had to include in a fitness programme to make it successful.

The progression I made over the six week period, I felt was good. Due to the improvements, which I made I intend to carry out the training sessions from now on, overloading each week to again improve my level of fitness and in turn improve my game even more. Circuit training is adaptable so I can make changes to it to prevent me from becoming bored of the same continuous circuit, which will help to encourage me to carry on.

Throughout my six week training period I found a few problems with the availability of the equipment when I required to use it. As the gym is a public place there are a lot of other people who use it so the order in which I was going to carry out my session would have to be rearranged. Another problem that I came across was that I was continuously increasing my running time and speed but I was becoming quite tired at each increase, so I feel that I may have overloaded slightly too much to gain a good beneficial session, but it is seen that the intensities are suitable for a girl my age.

If I was to carry out my training programme again I would take some points into careful consideration. I dont feel that six weeks was a long enough period for me to carry out an extremely beneficial exercise programme, so I would increase the number of weeks that I was doing the training sessions for or if this wasnt able to be done I would increase the number of training sessions carried out in a week. Overall I feel that the training sessions were beneficial as I did see an improvement in my retest results and also within my performance in a Gaelic football match.

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