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Published: 2019-12-31 10:52:14
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Every human being has their own needs in their life either from the nature of their personal necessity or merely wants. In this aspect, these necessities in the human life were actually needed fro the sake of sustenance and the general aspect of the survival of their own existence. In the society of humankind, each individual needs varies depending on the personal views and values of the actual person involved in it and how his or her perspective in life relate to it. In this aspect, one of the considered most important necessity in the life is the shelter of each individual.

This shelter can either take the natural or concrete form or the abstract one relying solely on the view of the particular individual involved. Concrete shelters are material manifestations of the word relating to the house or constructed unit meant for personal or the familys protection. From this protection, people derive comfort and security from their concrete houses with its sturdy and reliable walls, secure roofs and doors denoting privacy and security. On the other hand, abstract homes are the ones that take a more personal view regarding the concept of home.

In this aspect, people seek comfort, love and compassion in each of their houses where they desire to feel caring and nurturing from the people they share their home with. Families, marital couples, friends and relative share their homes with each other to satisfy their needs for emotional bonding, social relationship and to incite and receive love form one another thus satisfying their desire for establishing their personal abstract homes. These two definitions often come in contrast with other wherein actual modern homes commonly lack one aspect.

However, dwellings of any sort that satisfy both of the said definitions are the ones that are considered indeed perfect homes for the society. Thus, each person has his or her personal needs and preferences in a home they wish to live and be comfortable with. In this same aspect that this writer also has his own requirements for a home which he specifically require as needed foundation of his preferred home. Two of these things are the sense of security in both direct physical manifestations and personal aspect and the sense of emotional stability.

First, the sense of security is indeed desired by each individuals not only this writer but also practically all of the people in the society. Homes are basically structural unit to secure people of their individuality and privacy as human beings apart from their society. In addition, homes are also security foundation of the people from adverse forces of nature as human beings struggle for their survival. Second is the need for the comfort and love in ones home that is why people only invite other individuals who they are comfortable with in their homes.

Homes are meant for strengthening and establishing the foundations of human relationship for later years thus, individuals in their homes must complement and respect each other as one of the prime necessity of their home. In this aspect that people resort to different ways and approaches implement their necessities for their own personal homes. Some people concoct different architectural strategy to achieve feats for strengthening and securing their homes against forces of nature and forces of the society.

To achieve their sense of security that they can rely on, society has obviously developed their standards for home construction and improvement resulting to modern structural design of present houses. Indeed, modern concrete houses are much stronger compare to primitive huts and caves for the security comfort of the society. On the hand, homes of the present are also able to preserve the emotional stability of the relationships of their tenants. For this writer, emotional understanding is a prime necessity in his home that only people he is comfortable or with a relationship are the ones welcome or have access to his home.

He indeed considering his dwelling a personal sanctuary for his emotions and personal relaxation that it is private to the society in general but a comfortable place for his loved ones. Thus, each individual has their own personal requirements for their homes and that they tirelessly to acquire for their own satisfaction. In that very own aspect that the author Linda Hogan wrote his essay entitled Dwellings as she elaborate her personal views regarding the aspect of personal homes. In her literary work, she explicitly presented that home starts with simple structural unit to live in.

Gradually, people starts to develop their own homes to satisfy their personal needs and wants such as emotional companion and love thus they establish relationships and dwell in their homes. This is then followed by developing their homes as a couple where they are comfortable with their own personal needs and with this, modern homes are then created originating from their primitive predecessors. At first, they was no doors but only simple openings and then people starts to realize they need it and then apply it in their homes until develop as it is.

Thus, the development of the structural and conceptual aspect of homes are directly related to the needs and wants of the people dwelling in it. In addition, Hogan stated in her essay that homes are also structural units for the personal side of each individual where they can share emotions and love with each other. Consider her example of the different structural units that are simple yet they house to different kinds of animals where they all struggle for their survival. They all consider this unit as their home indeed as this simple structure give them all of the necessity they need.

On top of that, the aspect of their family unity give these animals a perfect reason why they should stay regardless of the simplicity of the structure. In like manner that some people also consider their simple houses as their perfect home as here they found the elements of love, care and passion each individual seek in the society. Indeed, homes are not a matter of structural feat or architectural design but a sanctuary satisfying the personal needs of the individual particularly with his or her personality as a human being.

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