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Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05
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The design is for a modern kitchen with some feeling to it. The space is designed in order to give the place a more roomy, more interesting and elegant look yet keeping the nice cozy homely feeling. Unlike most of the new design where shining finishes give the whole place very modern look with no feelings to it, the colors, material and finishes are meant to give you a peaceful warm welcoming feel colligated with home. Walls [All interior walls finish shall be plasterboard walls. Walls would be painted a slightly lighter shade of Isabelline; the paint type would be eggshell paint.

Since eggshell paints finish is similar to that of matte finish but has a tiny amount of sheen to it when dried. It washes slightly well, than flat wall paint. Paint shall be applied with a brush, using straight strokes to give a fine finish. The color would be made with three parts of isabelline and one part of white. ] The color would reflect more light off the walls and give the place a roomy look. Ceiling [Ceiling shall be painted white. Paint type would be the same eggshell paint. A 2 wide and ? thick cornice would run through the adjoining walls.

Cornice shall be painted ash white. Paint shall be applied with a brush, using straight strokes to give a fine finish. ] Ceiling color would enhance the roomy effect of the place also; it shall maintain the elegance of the space, where as the cornice is only there to create atmosphere. Floor Floor shall be a blend of marble chip mosaic and floating floor. The sides of the floor shall be marble chip mosaic. The base of mosaic would be white and earthy brown marbles would be used on top of it. Marble mosaic would be polished to give a fine sheen.

In the centre of the floor a 5 ? X 8 floating wood floor shall be installed, with a 1 border line. 5 planks of American cherry wood shall be used in on a 60 degree angle, forming a cross set. Border shall be that of oak gun stock. [The idea of this floor is to create an interesting atmosphere as well as, giving the space a warm look. ] Marble Mosaic American Cherry Oak Gunshot Baseboard [Baseboard would be of marble chip 3 high and ? extended from the wall. The same color combination as that of floor shall be used. ] Doors

[Outer door shall be a clear glass door with wooden frame. Frame shall be painted white. Glass shall be 11mm thick. The frame shall be 6 at the top and sides whereas it shall be 2 6 on the bottom. ] The idea behind a glass door is to provide an inlet for sunlight; it serves for both decoration and giving atmosphere to the space. Windows [The main window shall be horizontal sliding aluminum window. Glass thickness shall be 8mm. The frame shall be electrostatic powder coated in isabelline color. The main frame shall be 3 of height. The slider frame would be 1 of height.

Small window shall be of same material and color with vertical sliders. ] The color of frame would be darker than that of wall since its not mixed with white color, this way the frame would create a border itself and no additional borders would be required. Window treatments [Light brown wood weaved blinds shall be used over the main window. Small window shall be left uncovered. ] Wood weaved blinds are used to give the place a vintage touch also; to create a better atmosphere. Kitchen Counters [Kitchen counter shall run along the adjoin walls as well as an 8 long 2 ?

wide extended counter. Counters shall be 3 high. The extended counter shall be attached to a wall and is made out of cabinets facing inwards with a countertop. The counters shall me made with cabinets of white burnished copper. ] Copper cabinets would give the place a warm feel with a modern look. Countertops [Granite counter tops shall be used over the counters. Over the extended counter it shall be 3 wider from each side where as on the counters fixed to the wall it shall extend ? . The edges shall be rounded. A very lighter shade shall be used.

] Granite is the new contemporary style giving the space modern look and the color of countertop will make it blend in the design. Cabinets [Top cabinets and counter cabinets shall be made of white burnished copper. Counter cabinets would 3 high whereas top cabinets would 4 ? high from the ground. Cabinets shall be painted with stripes of metallic isabelline and khaki colors. The first stripe shall be 3 from the bottom and 1 wide khaki color; the second shall be at the center of isabelline color ? wide. Another stripe shall be 3 below the cabinet top.

] This is to create an interesting look and aesthetic look to the whole space. Handles and Hinges [Cabinets shall have a contemporary square edged silver handle, whereas the doors shall have a contemporary rounded handle with the door lock. Simple concealed hinges shall be used for a well finished look. ] The idea is to maintain the modern look of the kitchen. Cabinet Handle Door Handle Splash-backs [A grey granite splash-back shall run through the adjoining walls, above the counters. ] This would not only enhance the design but also maintain the contemporary look.

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