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Published: 2019-10-13 17:32:45
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The rise of online schools or universities paved way for the demand of online and digital materials to facilitate the teaching-learning process. This year, Pearson has contributed to the development of online learning by releasing a program called the Universal Design for Computer-Based Testing Guidelines. In line with universal efforts from members of the academic institution to make learning and education accessible to all, the computer-based testing program was developed in order to allow students to access resources on evaluation, most importantly those with disabilities or handicaps.

The project was also supported by the principle in education proving that students learn more efficiently when evaluation or assessment is integrated into the teaching-learning process. This issue appeals to the responsibility of people and organizations working within the computer and technology industry to contribute to the advancement of other areas or fields including education. The introduction of the Universal Design for Computer-Based Testing Guidelines paves way to the improvement of digital instruction that has become prevalent these days.

In this way, computer technology not only contributes to the advancement of education but also to the universal accomplishment of efforts concerning equal access to education. Ultimately, this relates to society because it also concerns the right to education. However, I believe the most important thing aside from the existence and development of technologies that facilities widespread access to education is the dissemination of information that would allow numerous people to learn of the available avenues and opportunities for them to afford education.

Pearsons taking advantage of knowledge and information on computer-based evaluation or assessment is an important step in achieving this purpose. Kostek, J. (2009). Guidelines Introducing Making Computer-Based Testing More Accessible. Retrieved 19 Jul 2009, from Technology Marketing Corporation. Website: http://education. tmcnet. com/topics/education/articles/58497-guidelines-introduced-making-computer-based-testing-more-accessible. htm Computer Technology: Last Chance for Heath Care? Due to health crisis in the United States, the government is looking into the possibility of utilizing computer technology in order to resolve the problem.

The national government, even before Barack Obamas administration, has been trying to alleviate problems regarding health care to no avail. The United States government feels that the time has come to take advantage and capitalize on the availability of technology in order to offer a solution to the dreaded health crisis. UnitedHealth Group, an organization that handles health insurance in the country, has established a partnership with Cisco Systems, a leading company in the industry of technology. The two organizations have endorsed telemedicine as a means to address the health care situation in the country.

Ultimately, the program targets populations that do not have access to health care, specifically those in remote areas with limited available services. This relates to the benefits and contributions of computer technology not only to the field of health and medicine, but also to the development of public policies and the improvement of good governance. The product of technology and its fusion with another industry or field of study, which in this case is telemedicine, proves the importance of expanding societys views and perspectives on technology as an individual or independent subject or discipline.

Through the efforts of the United States government in searching for the most efficient means to resolve the health crisis, the value and contributions of computer technology to the health and wellbeing of the nations citizens have been discovered. In addition, the implementation of telemedicine in the country would serve as models or examples to other nations experiencing the same kind of crisis. In this scenario, expanding the limitations of computer technology is necessity for the development of other fields. Reardon, M. (2009).

Are the Stars Aligning for Telemedicines Success?. Retrieved 20 Jul 2009, from CBS Interactive Inc. Website: http://news. cnet. com/8301-1001_3-10290067-92. html Outsourcing: Increasing Employment Opportunities Due to the global economic crisis, business organizations around the world, including outsourcing companies are expected to lay low and exhibit a downturn on their performance and productivity rates, thus, leading to the increase in unemployment rates. However, the business process outsourcing sector refused to let the current economic crisis slow down the industry.

In fact, the industry is expecting that despite global recession, the business process outsourcing sector will still be able to increase the number of jobs in domestic areas wherein work tasks and responsibilities are being outsourced. The role of computer technology in making business process outsourcing possible relates to its contribution to society in terms of the increase in the availability of jobs. The existence of networking capabilities and wireless technology that facilitate communication and help human beings accomplish work tasks more efficiently is the primary reason why large organizations or corporations decided to outsource.

Therefore, in a way, even if the increase in jobs in the sector of business process outsourcing does not directly relate to the structure and dynamics of computer technology, the important thing to remember is that computer technology facilitates business process outsourcing. Consequently, the existence of business process outsourcing opens up employment opportunities, especially to individuals in developing nations. In this way, computer technology carries out its responsibility to society by becoming an instrument in the creation employment opportunities.

In addition, outsourcing helps the economies of other nations prosper through the influx of remittances from the country wherein the main office of the company is located to other countries who host business process outsourcing. Ferriols, D. (2009).

Business Process Outsourcing Sector Expect Increase in Jobs this Year. Retrieved 20 Jul 2009, from The Philippine Star. Website: http://www. philstar. com/Article. aspx? articleid=445862.

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