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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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1)Computer games do more harm than good to children. Nowadays, more and more children play computer games because there is a computer at almost every home. Moreover, the number of Internet cafes is increased and playing games becomes easier. Personally, I believe that computer games are not beneficial for children but they have an negative impact on them. To start with, the majority of computer games have violent scenes. They imitate wars and the child takes the role of a soldier who has to kill a lot of people in order to win the battle and consequently the game.

That is why many children have violent behavior at school. When they are young, they cannot distinguish the game from reality and sometimes they attack against their classmates. This violent behavior comes definetely from this kind of games. Another reason that I think is worth mentioning is that a lot of children prefer to play computer games rather than to meet they friends. This situation leads to unsociable, unfriendly and shy personalities. When they enter another stage of their life, for instance when they become teenagers or even adults, they find it difficult to communicate with other people.

Moreover, being alone leads to depression. This is an important problem that many teenagers experience. Computer games have a strong power over children making them play many hours per day. Thats why they do not have time to do their homework and their grades at school become weaker over time. For example, my cousin who is 15 years old used to play computer games approximately 4-5 hours per day. When his parents got his grades they realized that his performance was not satisfied. My cousins teacher told they parents that he could not concentrate during the lectures and he rarely did his homework.

His parents discussed with their son and they agreed that he would play less and do his homework regularly. In final consideration, a child can become addicted to computer games playing many hours per day non stop. This is very serious because it may lead to situations where the child may become unsociable and experience depression. Moreover, children adopt an violent behavior toward their classmates or family members. Finally, they are unable to concentate on their homework and concequently they performance at school becomes poorer over time.

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