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Published: 2020-01-26 02:10:49
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Nowadays, competition is everywhere. People always try to compete with each other in order to be ahead of their competitors. There are many forms of competition such as competition between students in the class, competition between co-workers in a company, competition between business people in society, between athletes in sports, and between country and country. Competition is a good thing for everyone because it encourages competitors to work harder. It improves the quality of competitors work, and builds more confidence for competitors.

Primarily, competition encourages competitors to work harder for achieving the goal. Competitors have to try their best to be successful in their work. They have to create new ideas and keep updating to new technology. To be a winner of a competition, competitors cannot be lazy. They have to work as hard as possible and have to do everything that they can do in order to win their competitors. Otherwise, they will be a looser and they will not be success in their work and also have less opportunities of getting jobs. In another way, competition also leads to argument because of ambitions of wanting to win each other.

Secondly, competition is good because it improves quality of competitors works. Competition is a great way to motivate passive people to work actively, meaning to say they should think of many different ways to make their work the best rather than wasting time on useless things. Being active on working does improve the quality of works because they have to spend more time on working, researching, and gathering more data that lead to greater work in the future.

Thirdly, competition can also build more confidence for competitors. To be a winner, they have to be sure that they are able to do better or beat their competitors because of their higher abilities and skills. They have to believe in themselves that they can do it no matter what the result is. While having competition, competitors will dare to face all difficulties and be ready to fight and get through them. So, competition helps competitors to build more confidence. In contrast, sometimes people would have less confidence after a competition because they are losers and might not dare to participate in other competition in the future.

In conclusion, once having competition, competitors have to work harder to be able to win the opposition. Additionally, it is also possible for competitors to improve their quality of working due to their effective efforts. Lastly, since it is not easy to win the competition, competitors have to build more self confidence and believe that they can do it. Last but not least, being competitive is a step to be successful in the future.

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