Compare/Contrast aspects of colonial America and Latin america Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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? Compare and contrast the political, social, and economic aspects of Britain and Spains colonial enterprise The colonial enterprises of Spain and Britain differ. Spain and Britains economic aspects differ greatly. Their social aspects differ as well. Even their political aspects differ greatly. The social, political, and economic aspects of Britain and Spains colonial enterprises differ immensely. Spain and Britains economic aspects differ. When people from Britain first settled in the Americas they were part of a privately owned company. This is important to know because they were only out to make a profit.

Although they expected to make money off of gold they instead made it off of crops like tobacco. With them not making as big a profit as they had originally expected, The Virginia Company eventually goes bankrupt. Differently, Spain was making a killing off of gold and silver actually gathering 10x more gold than the entire world at that point. This is important because this reason specifically is the reason Britain wanted to go to the Americas. Already there are major differences between Britain and Spains colonial enterprise. Spain and Britains social aspects are different from each other also.

Spain landed in what is now Mexico and South America, where there were two native empires, who were the Mayans and the Incas. Due to them being empires, the natives could not just up and leave, because of this fact, the Spaniards had a lot of contact and social interaction with the indigenous people. With the Spaniards having so much contact with the natives, they had to have a social hierarchy that put the natives at the bottom. Because they treated the natives so poorly, Spains efforts to convert them to Catholicism did not work so well and Spains balancing act was beginning to tip towards the economic side.

Because Britain landed in what is now North America, an area where there were only small populations of natives, there was barely any social interaction between the natives and the settlers. Due to there being no natives around the colonists had to find a new labor force, coming in the form of African slaves, and their social hierarchy did not include the natives. Geography came into play in the social aspects of Britain and Spain and the differences between the two only continue to grow. Another aspect that differs is the political aspect of these two enterprises.

With the Virginia Company going bankrupt, the colony in America came under the rule of King James I. This is very important because with Virginia not making an outstanding amount of money, the king did not focus that much on the colony left them to essentially do their own thing. The Spaniards were different however, because they were making so much in gold, the king was focused intently on his colonies. He was so paranoid that he even promoted the audencias to keep an eye on the viceroys and conquistadores. With the king keeping a close eye on what was going on in his colonies, there was a lot of strict, political control from Spain.

Money had a lot to do with the amount of control form the mother countries of these colonies. With this we can see the differences between the political aspects of Spain and Britains colonial enterprises. Spain and Britains economic aspects of their colonial enterprises differ. Their social aspects differ as greatly as well. Even their political aspects differ greatly. Some people could say that these two enterprises were similar; however they would be wrong because these points prove that they do in fact differ.

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