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Published: 2020-02-23 22:32:19
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I am going to focus on two tabloid newspapers, the Daily Mail and the Daily Mirror by comparing and contrasting on how the representation of celebrities reinforces or undermines their celebrity status. In an edition of both the Daily Mail and the Daily mirror on the same day, both newspapers have chosen to exploit the story of Michael Jackson being cleared of all ten charges and also from 20 years of prison. The Daily Mirror is a standard blue top mid-range tabloid; presented the story the front page coverage along with the same size devoted the score in football and the player of the week.

This suggests that the Daily Mirror do print out articles about the sports events but also that they heavily focus on celebrity news, especially on a high famous celebrity like Michael Jackson. The headline reads Not guilty as well as colouring the Not on the headline red and in bold text implying as Jackson was going through a war and also to draw in the attention of the reader. The word not in red does also contrast and give an impression of something dreadful has happened to Jackson.

However, this shows that the Daily Mirror is supporting Jackson but also in the other hand he has been pictured in between the time his facial reaction shows the readers of him being tired and most of all hated himself from going through all the hassle in the court which he had to clear off to become guiltless. The article also prints a photograph of Michael Jackson in colour suggesting that they do want sensationalise Jackson taking a positive side to the story.

The sub-headline reads trial sensation as Jacko cleared of ALL TEN CHARGES has been underlined with red to denote to the audience that important information has been presented. By doing this the audience will be aware of the sentence. In the sub-headline ALL TEN CHARGES was printed out in capital letters to specifically highlight to the readers that Jackson is a free man and cleared from all ten charges. In comparison, the Daily Mail took the story very similar to the Daily Mirror but structured in different way.

Likewise they dedicate the front page about Michael Jackson alike in Daily Mirror. The headline reads cleared so this just informs the audience the fact about Michael Jackson being cleared of all ten charges. The Daily Mail not only states about Jacksons cleared charges, but it also talks about his personal life such as finances, poor health and etc. The Daily Mail does also read, His health has visibly determined over the months of the trial, this is evidenced from the front page article beneath the photograph of Michael Jackson.

However, both newspapers depend heavily upon the importance of celebrity stories. The layout, colours, use of language and etc, has been applied in both newspapers very differently. As a result after analysing both newspapers, both newspapers supported him. This is because both tabloid newspapers do not comment on his personal life whenever he was judged wrong, but also they dont discuss neither about him as being suspicious on him or try to show that he is guilty. Therefore it seemed to be as a reader that the Daily Mail and the Daily Mirror reinforces Michael Jackson rather than undermine him.

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