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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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Abstract We are in what is known at the Information Era. The Information Era is the ability to exchange information in a manner that is effective and efficient. Information is important to the way we do things. It gives instructions on what to do and how to do it. There are many different genres of communications. They all provide different information in different situations In todays society, there are a number of different communication genres. Each communication genre is meant to provide certain information to a certain group of people.

In this paper, I will discuss five different communications genres. I compare rules and regulations, policy handbook, policy manual, policy guide and policy memorandum. I will discuss the similarities and difference in each genre, discourse conventions used. Genre is the means by which communications are sent out. Genres are categories or forms into which documents and websites are grouped together based on written and visual characteristics they have in common, and which readers associate with them.

Genres are valuable because their predictable forms and consistency aid in reading comprehension and efficiency. Genres help readers grasp information quickly and effectively. (Allison and Williams 2008). Each of the genres that I will discuss relates to rules, policies and procedures specific to different events. The first is rules and regulations. Rules and regulations is a principle that regulates or controls conduct. Rules and regulations are most often used for sports or contests.

Rules and regulations are used by referees (in sporting events), players, as well as fans. Next, there is the policy handbook. A policy handbook is usually a set of rules and regulations provided to an employee of company or to students enrolled in school. The policy handbook provides information on things such as an attendance policy, compensation and pay, drug and alcohol policy, leaves of absence, etc. Next there is the policy manual is more detailed than a policy handbook. The policy manual includes procedures and instructions on completing particular tasks.

For instance, a policy manual would give an employee the instructions on providing technical support for a computer malfunction. Other forms of communications genres are policy guide and policy memorandum. A policy guide is a document that contains the current policies and guidelines of an organization. This document is also used for the internal employees of an organization or company. Finally there is a policy memorandum. A policy memorandum informs employees or even customers of an organization of changes to current policies.

The policy memorandum will let you know what the policy is, the changes that were made to the policy and when the change will take effect. Each of these genres is similar in that they all provide direction, rules and regulations to certain events or jobs. The discourse conventions used in each of these documents are very similar. Each genre can be used in any one field or even multiples fields. Most of the genres that have been discussed are intended for internal use. Rules and regulations, policy handbook, policy manual, and policy guide are generally used by employees or a company or organization.

They detail internal regulations and policies. The information contained in these documents will be more technical and important to how the company is run. This information in most cases will not affect external users. Policy memorandum is a document that may be important to both internal and external users. References Allison, Libby. , Williams, F. Miriam (2008). Writing for the Government http://www. jpkf. org/JPKF-Policy-Guide/index. htm http://wilcoxen. maxwell. insightworks. com/pages/275. html

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