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Section 1 Understand methods of communication with customers 1a) Use the table below to outline at least two different customer service situations and the different methods of communication that would be needed in these situations.

Situation Methods of communication

1. IT department was doing a project over summer to upgrade some older PCs in around different departments. When Staff came back to work after break there was some complaints of no printers being connected and also lost documents The best methods of communication are in person and trying to rectify the problems straight away with written reporting to helpdesk software to avoid issues reoccurring. 2. Customer has bought an item from catalogue or internet. But when it arrives He is not happy with the quality of the item. Because he can not find returns procedure, he needs to contact the store. The customer has a choice to either write an email or call the store. Find out the returns procedure and get RMA number, also to agree how much money would be refunded.

1b) Based on the information you have provided in the table above, outline why the different situations need different methods of communication. Different situations need different methods of communication to make sure your customer knows that you care and to show empathy to the current situation and customers problems if any. You need to plan the form of communication in relation to the context, and consider different audience and purpose. 2. In relation to your current organisation (or one that you know well), complete the table below by listing at least three different examples of customer interaction and identify the most suitable communication method for each one.

Customer interaction Communication method

1. Customer calls to report a problem.
Because he is already on the phone, the best is to deal with the situation straight away, ask politely can customer log a job on helpdesk while you look at the issue, than call back customer with the fix.

2. Customer Logs a job on Helpdesk.

Prioritise jobs on urgency, and fix them one by one, even if you can not contact the customer make sure you update comments on each job so if customer go back to check, he can straight away know the progress.

3. Customer comes in with the problem to your office.

The best is to listen to customer, tell him you will log a job together and after that go and have a look at the issue. If customer has to go back to his work in the mean time, Ring them back with un update. 3. Complete the table below by identifying at least two advantages and at least two disadvantages of each communication method.

Communication method Advantages Disadvantages

Face to face
1. Seen body language
2. You can demonstrate the fix
1.You can be interrupted
2. if customer decides to escalate an issue it can be humiliating In writing
1. Written communication can be kept
2. Facts can be passed on without personal adjustments
1.Letters are slower methods of communication than spoken
2. there is no guarantee customer received it
Via telephone 1. Instance Response
2. No special tools required cant see customer facial expressions
2. You may still have to write to customer afterwards

4. When responding to a customer query in writing, outline the content that could be included in a standard letter. When responding to a letter of complaint you should address all of the areas raised by the customer in their letter. As an organization you need to show the concern, and let the customer know about the commitment to good customer service. Other thing are providing the detail if what do you need to resolve the situation (information details about the complaint) You should also tell them what action has been or will be taken by the organization to resolve the situation. Let customer know that competent person will deal with the matter personally, with job title detail at the end of the letter. 5a) Explain what is meant by the term active listening.

Active listening is about engaging with the person speaking, in order to understand them. Making sure that we do not disturb in any way the person speaking, but also we appear to be listening and not do anything else in the mean time. Also we keep an Eye contact with other person, nodding or agreeing with person at appropriate moments. 5b) Why is active listening important when dealing with customers? Active listening is important when dealing with customers because it helps you to: Make sure customers feel good after they leave the conversation. Check that youve got all the facts, and correct any errors. Encourage further sales opportunities.

Properly communicate any message.
Remain calm, friendly and polite with the customer.
Stay motivated to communicate with that customer in the future. Support organisational effectiveness and customer relations.

6. Use the table below to describe the standard greetings of three different organisations and how these greetings impact on customers.
Organisation Standard greeting Impact on customers
Charity Shop, coffee shop
Face to Face What you wear has an impact are you required to wear a uniform or badge? How you sound has an impact its important to be polite. Your facial expression has an impact do you look sullen or approachable? Do you look tidy and presentable?

Hows your body language? Is it negative with folded arms, or is it positive with an open posture? Smiles and acknowledgements meet guests needs for attention. Call centre
Telephone How you sound has a make-or-break impact! If you sound tired or disengaged, the customer will pick up on this. If you sound enthusiastic and pleasant, the customer is likely to feel more at ease. Smiling as you pick up the phone may improve how you sound. Its important to be polite.Your appearance is not as important but your manners are offer assistance and listen and respond where appropriate. Supermarkets

Boards Impersonal, some people might not notice is. Good when there are a lot of customers. Customers feel welcomed without being disturbed. Section 2 Understand how to handle customer service information 1. Explain what information may be held about customers by an organisation. Organisation can hold different types of data to provide an improved personalised service. WHO essential info like name, gender email address and telephone number, also sometimes customers address, date of birth and ethnic background. HISTORY Information concerning a customers transaction history with the organisation may include when and how they bought products or used services in the past.

For example, did they buy products online, by phone or in person? PREFERENCES Information about customer likes and needs and sometimes interests is essential to an organisation trying to understand exactly why customers buy or use the product or service on offer. 2. Outline at least two examples of ways in which customer information can be kept secure and confidential. COMPUTER SECURITY One of the ways which organisation can implement to keep customer information secure and confidential. To implement computer security organisation needs to: Implement a firewall

Install Antivirus, anti spyware and anti malware
Keep your software up to date with latest patches
Implement folder security with access to files by job description Implement IT usage policies
Implement password policies
Implement Backup and secure storage for it
Secure format all drives before disposing
OFFICE SECURITY Steps needed to take to ensure the security and confidentiality of customer information in the office:

Ensure physical security to the building
Implement Data protection policies with Data protection officer Make sure all confidential documents are shredded
When sending information to outside recipients double check it going to right people

3. In relation to your current organisation (or one that you are familiar with): Give at least two examples of information about the organisation that should not be disclosed to customers. 1. Any details of and pending investigations and proceedings against college.

2. Personal data of staff and students.

Explain why this information should not be disclosed to customers and the implications on the organisation if it is. 1. It could impair the effective conduct of public affairs, it could ruined the public image. 2. Personal data should never be disclosed to other customers or the general public because its protected by the Data Protection Act 1998. The implication is of course ICO enforcement and financial penalties.

Section 3 Understand how to work as part of a team to provide effective customer service 1. In relation to your current customer service role (or one that you are interested in doing in the future), what are the limits of this role when delivering customer service (e.g. what are you able to deal with as part of this role and what situations would you be unable to handle without assistance from others)? I am IT Services engineer, product specialist. My Job role is to develop good working network for apple hardware, but also work with other engineers to maintain current systems.

Answer customer queries and fix problems. If customer hardware is broken beyond repair, the only thing I can do is tell customer to request replacement, I can not promise that we will be able to do it. If repair is out of my hands I help customer to log/ update job on helpdesk and make sure the right engineer knows its been booked for him. That helps keep customer expectations at the level we can satisfy them. 2. If you were faced with a customer query outside of your individual responsibility, what sources of help would be available to you? Identify them below. Other engineers (specialities)

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