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Published: 2019-11-30 15:00:40
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Children need positive in their life, so its always nice to greet a child with a smile. It is so good to ask them how they are. Children always have some news to share no matter how important it may be. It is very important to them to listen to what they would like to share with you. Children/Young People and even Older people always like to feel that they matter and that they are important. Many children are learning at different levels. Some can take in more information than others. It is important that you adapt to every child/young persons need. You as well as them have to understand what level each person is at so you can help them reach the best they can. It is always better to be positive. Body language and attitude is very important when speaking to a child/young person or member of staff. Speak clearly so all can understand you.

Let the children/young people/parents and even staff know that they can come and talk to you. Remember to listen, be polite, friendly and make sure they feel that they are being listened too. All children and young people have to understand that there are rules to follow and they have to behave in the correct manner. Children and young people look up to older people so it is a positive idea for the staff to follow the rules as well. Communication is very necessary when speaking to your colleagues. This way it ensures consistency throughout the staffing team. If staff do not talk to one another situations can get out of hand and could lead to disagreements or even resentment between your colleagues. The best way of preventing this sort of situation is for everyone to know and understand what is happening so we can all work it out together.

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