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1. Watch the video and read through the information on diatoms and dinoflagellates. 2. Type in the appropriate columns below the characteristics that apply to diatoms, dinoflagellates and the characteristics they share

Characteristics of Diatoms
Similarities Between Diatoms and Dinoflagellates
Characteristics of Dinoflagellates
Diatoms are single cellular eukaryotes that are super tiny in size. They are pretty much like photosynthetic micro-organisms, some live simple or branched and others are filamentous and others are in a gelatinous envelope or tube. All diatoms are enclosed by something that is called frustule, which is made up of 2 valves that are fitted together by a girdle, which is a connective zone.

They are both found in salt water and sometimes fresh water they could be found also. But both are a type of phytoplankton And they both play important roles in marine food webbing
They also help remove carbon dioxide from air

Dinoflagellates are unicellular protists;
Theyre planktonic.
90% of all dinoflagellates are marine plankton.
They are very small as well.
many of them are microscopic, the largest of them all may be as large as 2 mm in diameter! At its largest size. Dinoflagellates sby 2 things, flagella and movable protein strands that propel the cell through the water. The longitudinal flagellum extends out from the sulcal groove of the hypotheca when it snaps back and forth it moves the cell forward. The flattened flagellum lies in the cingulum, the groove that expands around the equator of the cell. The motion of this provides maneuvering and forward movement. The result of this is the action of the two flagella the cell spirals as it moves.

Use your chart to start making a deduction about the cause of the food poisoning. Based on the information youve gathered do you feel that the cause of the food poisoning is a diatom or a dinoflagellate? Why? The dinoflagellate causes illness . A diatom is a small type of hard shelled plankton. So dinoflagellate causes poisoning. Why? Because it sometimes blooms millions of cells per milliliter. Some types of these certain species can produce neurotoxins, which is something that kills fish and accumulates things filter feeders. For example a shellfish, it may pass on them and then onto people who eat shellfish, which will cause food poising.

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