Clarion Boys Case Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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One problem in the Clarion School for Boys case is that employees did not have enough training on the system. On the survey taken, most employees responded that they were dissatisfied with the training they had received and most had training of only 1-3 hours. Since there was little training given on the system, the users were uncomfortable using it. It seemed that if they could not figure something out, they would give up and go back to doing it the old way. The bookkeeper commented, I have been trying to finish this months books for the last two days, but I am having the same problems as last month. The accounts receivable software program is still giving me difficulties. I think Ill just do them by hand this month. When the system was first installed, the staff was excited about it but as time passed and there was no learning progression of the system, people became bored with it and stopped using it as much.

Another comment made by the education supervisor was, There was a lot of initial excitement about e-mail, but I havent heard much about it since then. I know Ive been too busy to lean it myself, and I missed the training sessions because of other meetings. I personally worked with a company where a new system was implemented and because of the lack of training and tutorials, there were major problems. For months the system was incorrect, causing many hours of overtime as well as many mess ups that had to be corrected. Familiar to this case, there was not a plan of action nor any goals set or a timeline for certain projects to be mastered.

There was a lack of training causing the staff to have little confidence in their abilities to work the system. This problem falls under strategic planning. One component of strategic planning is training. Under strategic planning, the employees should be encouraged to be active in the system. They should be encouraged through training programs and help sessions. The team should establish goals and time lines of what they want to have accomplished by a specific date.

In this case, there was not a formal plan or measures set. They were not able to judge how they were doing because they did not make a strategic plan to begin. I think this is a minor problem. I think the major problem is that once the system was implemented, there was no enforcement created. It seemed that the users did not want to get out of their comfort zone and learn something new. There was not much communication at the beginning and everyone seemed to be doing their own thing.

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