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Published: 2019-10-10 12:36:01
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Its brief meaning explains it all. Chemistry is a science that deals with matter, its composition, and changes they undertake.

Chemistry has been part in our lives ever since. It contributes to our existence, our culture, and our life. Chemistry explains why changes happen around us. All living processes are chemical reactions. It helps in sustaining our needs. Through this we are able to feed the worlds population, medicines to cure diseases and improve health, and to protect our environment.

Chemistry plays an important role in our lives. It contributes a lot to human knowledge. So lets use chemistry in a way that human being and our environment would benefit from it. Chemistry involves everything about us. It is part of our daily life. From the moment we wake up until we go to bed. The food we take, the makeup we put on our faces, the soaps and cleaners we used everyday, chemistry is all around you every day. hemistry is somehow related to accountants. Because it helps to understand the changes that accountants undergo in their life and to understand human body. It only shows that chemistry plays a major role in our life. It explains every phenomenon in Life and illustrates the changes in our environment.

It can be the source of maintaining the ecological balance and designates the life of planet Earth. Chemistry draws the chemical phenomena in life processes that contributes to our knowledge about the chemical changes in life and environment. Learning chemistry is like learning the reality that we are blessed by God because He create us and other Living things perfectly. Accountants need to study chemistry in order to know about the life processes and the composition of every thing. And that is the scope of studying chemistry.


An understanding of living organisms, including the human being have reached us through chemistry, the science dealing with materials, their composition, and the changes, which they undergo. Chemistry and chemical changes help us understand the human body. Chemistry fits into our lives. It offers new chemical frontiers and tells us what benefits may flow from them. Chemistry contributes to our existence, our culture, and our quality of life. Chemistry is concerned with the changes we see around us, like the rusting of iron, growing of grass, burning of wood and many more. Without these changes or chemical reactions our Planet Earth would be lifeless.

A plant takes carbon dioxide from the air and water from the soil to produce carbohydrates through a wondrous series of chemical reactions called photosynthesis. All living processes are chemical reactions. Everything we use, wear, live in, ride in, and play with is produced through controlled chemical reactions. Chemists design reactions that will convert chemical substances we find around us into chemical substances that serve our needs. Chemistry answers the needs of our society through a deep understanding of the factors that govern and furnish control of chemical reactions. It plays a critical role in mans attempt to feed the world population, to tap new sources of energy, to clothe and house humankind, to provide renewable substitutes for dwindling or scarce materials, to improve health and conquer disease, and to monitor and protect our environment.

Because of this responsiveness to human needs, chemistry has become a crucial factor in the nations economic well-being. Aside from that, our culture believes that learning about our place in the universe is not enough reason for encouraging scientific inquiry. Nothing concerns humans more than questions about the nature of life and how to preserve it. Since all life processes are brought about by chemical changes, understanding chemical reactivity is a vital foundation for our ultimate understanding of life. Thus chemistry, along with biology, contributes to human knowledge in areas of universal philosophical significance.

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