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Published: 2019-12-27 11:20:28
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* The Cause of Conflict is Because of Irresponsible Management. It was discovered that the predecessor of hosur health care had appointed five Supervisors to lead the centers work force. He had little credibility with the employees. They had each been selected on the basis of seniority or their friendship with the previous manager.

* The Communication Between the Management and the Employees was not Good. It was seen all the employees wer either demoralized or had tough, belligerent attitude towards the management. The employees were not afraid to settle their differences with their fist or verbal abuse. The predecessor had unintentionally encouraged this disruptive activity by largely depending upon the supervisor, to handle such problem and not being available to other employees. This led to the communication gap between the management and the employees.

* No proper policies wer formed to for smooth operations at work. Which even led to cultural differences. Hosur health care was dominated by south Indians where budha was the only employ who is a north Indian. Which led to lot of differences between budha and other employees. There was a policy where the employees can listen to the radio when they are at work. But there was no policy which stated what kind of songs they can listen to. Anybody who come first at work place can play his favourite radio station for the rest of the day which was one of the reason for the conflict to start

* There was no Human-Resource Department at Hosur Health Care. All the previous recruitment wer done by the manager himself. There was no human-resource department at hosur health care. This led to poor recruitment and no background check wer done, thus seven convicted felons wer recruited who wer fearless. * Managing Conflict (AVODING)

The previous manager use to avoid all his responsibilities. Whenever the workers need him, he was never there. He was solely dependent upon the supervisors he had appointed. The maximum he would do is hollered at the
workers and leave without even trying to settle the problem and resolve the issue.

(All this points wer the major reason behind the conflict. Which forced the employees to develop a feeling of hatred towards each other and towards the management).

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