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Published: 2020-01-21 17:31:37
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Coca-Cola is one of the most respected companies in America. Here in the Philippines, Coca-Cola is still the patronized brand of soda. Coca Colas refreshing taste provides happiness to the people. Coca-Cola Neville Isdell is the new chief executive after Robert C. Goizueta died. Coca-Cola Company has a sole product line to offer in the market which is the carbonated soda like Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite and Fanta. Coke operations take place in India, China, and other 14 country around the world to reach the target market in dispersed area and to increase their market share. Through the effort of Roberto C. Goizueta, Coca-Cola rapidly grows in the year 1980s to 1990s when they introduce the product in the market.

Coca Cola bottling operations was given to Cola-Cola Enterprises Inc. which Coca Cola Co. owns 49% of the stocks that allows them have enough control on the operations. Coke has a control on the pricing of the products and the decision on how many vending machines Coca-Cola Enterprises will purchase that will be used in distributing the coke products. Coke rival competitor in the market is the Pepsi Co. which grabs all the opportunities for the company to widen their product line which are interrelated. The goal of PepsiCo is to capture the area where there is strong possibility that they will grow. PepsiCo outlays Coca-Cola in expanding their product line by acquisition and mergers.

Background of the problem

Statement of the problem

¢What strategy can Coca-Cola use to cope up to the changing environment to become a market driven organization? Analysis of the problem Coca-Cola basically does not adapt changes in the market. They are ignoring the fact that their product is not in trend today. The members of the top management are still thinking in the past and try to strengthen the company by using the tactic that the former CEO Robert Goizueta used long ago. By doing this the company will be customer focus

Alternative courses of action

¢Coca-Colas top management must initiate the transformation of the company to become a market driven organization. He must influence his subordinates by serving as a role model so that the frontline employees will be encourage to exert more effort in providing satisfaction or delight to customers. ¢Coca-Cola must implement innovation to their products that would fit the customer demand. They can also produce a new line of beverages that are healthy like milk and tea which will be offered to those people who are health conscious and are old citizens of the country. ¢Coca-Cola must acquire or enter in a merge with a beverage business other than soda. By this they can widen their product line and they can have other source of income other than carbonated soda that the demands start to decline. This is cause by the health conscious individuals and the product is perceive as bad to the human body because it can cause acidity if there is too much consumption. ¢Status-quo



¢Company must be market oriented, customer focus and possesses competitor intelligence. These factors are very important in providing customer satisfaction or delight. Customer is the one you would think in running your business because without them your business and your concept is useless. ¢Company should be dynamic and are not afraid to adapt to the new trends today. Everything is dynamic or changing, so the company should also be flexible enough to survive in the market in the long run. ¢Top management must be open-minded in the changes in the market to avoid the growth of a business or organization. Once the top management are stock in the traditional mindset and dont permit change the company will never grow because today nothing is permanent.

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