Caribbean Interacting with the Wider World Essay

Published: 2019-10-10 12:35:48
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The Imperialism Age commenced with the coming of the Europeans who conquered lands and its people as well as established colonies. Several European countries created empires in the Caribbean, in all parts of America and in Africa. Military might, fear and deliberate psychological conditioning were the agents used to rule their subjected people. During the period of colonialism European culture became dominant in the Caribbean. The colonies which were formed during this period became extensions of Europe. Only the colonizer benefited in the relationship between the colonized and the colonizer and racism was the basis of this relationship. In order to maintain European dominancy colonizers averted the colonized from practicing self- sufficiency and creativity.

The colonized experienced otherness as they were marginalized in this era as their culture was regarded as inept. Even though most Caribbean countries are evident the practices and cultures seen are still leaning towards the metropole. There is an imbalance in the trading relationship between the ex-colonizer and the ex-colonized this is referred to as neo-colonialism. The countries of the West still have maintained dominance and this is evident in all aspects of the economy. The relationship between the West and the Caribbean fails to be symbiotic; the Caribbean has a great dependence on the West and this will all neo-colonialism to continue. Consumption patterns in the Caribbean are heavily influenced b y the US and Europe. An economic relationship exists where dependency is deliberately promoted while manufacturing is prohibited. The mass media plays a major role in allowing the Caribbean to be influenced by religious and secular festivals of the West.

Popular Caribbean music has been produced as a result of the oppression of European rule, resistance against colonizers and expression of racism and political oppression. These records have gained great extra-regional success. In the Caribbean there is a large variety of theatre arts which are often built on the themes of decolonization and the relationship between extra-regional countries. These performances modelled British or American theatre. Theatre art serves to confront Caribbean people with the issues and problems of their society and culture. Caribbean writers have gained recognition for their works. Colonial influences can be observed in the Caribbean by examining the popular dishes. Many popular Caribbean dishes are comprised of meat which were not considered fit for human consumption by the colonizers.

These imported meats were used to feed the slaves in time of slavery. Food preparation style varies from territory to another based on the colonial origins. Caribbean cuisine has been influenced by the Caribs, Africans and Indians. Western trends have impacted on the social and cultural lives of Caribbean people have made the food preparation method easier through the use of appliances and pre-cooked products. However the fast food phenomenon which has been influenced by the US has negatively impacted the well-being of Caribbean people. After Caribbean countries gained independence from Britain, the Westminster system mode of government was put into action. Commonwealth countries refer to countries which were once British colonies. There is no clear separation of powers in the Westminster system. The Westminster system composes of two houses of parliament. Eligible candidates for each party are chosen by election to represent their constituents.

In the Caribbean, democracy allows for prime ministers to become powerful and one political party praised for successes. The British used ethnic or partisan politics to work out relationships among labourers who were imported from different lands. Previously excluded groups have been calling out for a constitutional reform. It is more likely that Caribbean people will work out their political system by adopting characteristics of the Westminster model than adopting the US political system model. Migration has both positive and negative impacts for the home country. Caribbean countries have benefitted from both temporary and permanent migration. Migration also leads to discrimination in the host country and a brain drain in the home country. Migration contributes to the dependency on extra-regional countries. Cricket is a dominant sport in most countries which were once colonized by the British. This sport was considered as an elite sport and involved celebrating British culture and sportsmanship. Colonial people transformed cricket into being Caribbean orientated.

Cricket has become internationalized among the members of the Commonwealth and this has led to its increased commercial potential. The mass media has contributed to the US sport baseball getting popular among the Caribbean youth. Soccer is one of the most popular sports. The Caribbean region has been unable to produce any world class soccer team in recent times. Tourists from Europe and the US dictate the type of tourism packages which are promoted in the Caribbean. The success of the economy in the US and Europe has direct impact on the Caribbean tourism industry. Today, the Caribbean hosts many world class tourist facilities. Caribbean offers several types of tourism which appeals to each tourists specific interest. Tourism provides many Caribbean persons with a source of income. The Caribbean is not only influenced by countries such as Europe, Canada and the US, it also has great impact on the daily lives of persons who live in extra-regional countries.

Racial and ethnic tensions usually exist between immigrants and persons who reside in the host country. This tension is a result of persons living in host countries usually fear that their jobs are in jeopardy because immigrants are often willing to accept lower wages. The Caribbean diaspora is extensive as many Caribbean people are reluctant to return to their homelands, however, these people maintain close ties with their homelands. States in the US which have a great number of Caribbean people residing there have the potential to influence policies and major influences which impact on the Caribbean region. The US has attempted to take control of the Caribbean waters by patrolling them to prevent illegal drug trafficking from South America to their country.

The US is persistent in offering the initiatives for the Caribbean to curb the issue of the illegal drug smuggling as they are aware that whatever affects the Caribbean also affects their country. The US is concerned about the Caribbean as they do great billions of dollars worth of trade with the region per year. The region supplies the US with a vast amount of raw materials. Various festivals indigenous to the Caribbean have become an inbred part of the society and culture of extra-regional countries. The Caribbean migrants who live in these countries are the driving force behind these festivals and add to the diversity of these cities. Many trends in music, religious beliefs and culinary practices seen in extra-regional countries have been adopted from the Caribbean.

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