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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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When asked this question in todays society my answer would be of course, a college degree improves your career opportunities. I feel it does because, when the potential employer views the resume or the employees profile they want to know that the candidate has the proper knowledge and proper training in the career field that theyre applying for. Thats why college exists, a doctor cant just go into a hospital and say I want to be a doctor but never had any previous course or knowledge concerning the human body it would be a disaster.

Rather we like it or not its the truth but I have to consider if someone would argue the facts or my opinion how would I argue that my point is correct or that they also make a valid point. So if someone came to me and said just because a person has a degree doesnt improve their career opportunities. I would ask why? some could think that a college degree is just a piece of paper and that theyre smarter than most people that went to school for years. And could possibly be right. But a college degree is a lot more creditable.

I can use critical thinking in other areas by asking questions and considering the opposing sides answers as valuable information instead of thinking my opinion is correct. To ensure that I will continue to use critical thinking in the future I will learn to choose wisely in decision making, weigh out the options, consider the opposing point of view, practice critical thinking by reading more, doing more research on critical thinking as a whole, and also asking the right questions to come to a end solution to problems that I am faced with on a day to day basis.

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