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Published: 2020-02-01 13:12:50
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Care planning to meet the care needs of an individual (P4, M3, D2) What are the potential differences in Sallys care needs at all the different life stages?


In Sallys childhood, she grew up in mining town which may have been detrimental to her health due to the dust particles and other substance that could have been brought up from the mine, she has stated that when she was growing up, that there was ice on the inside of the window, that the house was cold and damp, and that she remembers having Bronchitis every year and having three weeks off in infant and junior school. Sally also said that she remember when she was little that she was told of for having the back door wide open because it was so hot she did not know why until a lot of years later when her mom said that she had measles which was very serious and that she could of died from it. She also states that when she was eleven, that she and her parents moved in to a house with central heating. Differences in Sallys care: Not having central heating from an early age, she also contracted bronchitis and measles which could have been detrimental to her health.


Sally has said that in her teens, she experienced really bad period pains and that she was taken out of education because of it, but she also says that she was prescribed with tablets that made her really drowsy and sleepy but she says that it took the pain away. Differences in sallys care: Every girl in their teens will at some point start having periods, some girls will have really bad pains from it and some wont, in Sallys case she would have needed medication to help relieve the pain and have a general practitioner that would be allowed to get prescribed her the medication.


When Sally was twenty years old she said that she experienced a lot of burning in her throat, and that she could not eat properly, thats she had to have a endoscopy (a camera put down her throat to determine what it was) and the surgeon found out that Sally had a relaxed muscle at the top of her oesophagus/gullet. This was because her stomach acid could escape in to her throat, she says that the doctor gave her some medication and that she would have to take it all her life, and that she had to be careful in bending down/over, and that she had to sleep on a slant which she says was very uncomfortable, but she had to so that the stomach acid would not travel out of her stomach and in to her mouth.

Sally also states that she had a miscarriage in her middle twenties and an ectopic pregnancy (when the embryo implants itself outside of the uterus) but she eventually had a baby and then two more. She then decided to go on to the contraceptive pill so that she could not have any more children. Difference in Sallys care: Burning in her throat because of a relaxed muscle, having an endoscopy put down her throat thats would have been very weird for her and a bit scary as well. Having a miscarriage would make her a bit scared of having children in the future as it would for any women and then having an ectopic pregnancy as well but eventually she have her own children, 3 of them.

Adulthood and Later Adulthood

Sally says that when she was in her thirties, she was in a car accident and unfortunately her teeth were smashed on impact, Sally had to have some dental work and she had to have porcelain veneers, Sally really hated the fact that she has not got her own teeth as she states that she took great care of them. Sally is now 61 years of age and she says also that that she went through the menopause in her fifties and that she still suffers from night sweats and hot flushes now and again, she has to wear glasses as that her eye sight has weakened and that she also suffers from arthritis in her fingers.

Difference in sallys care:

Being in a car accident, unfortunately this is quite common as that there are a lot of bad drivers out on the road but having all her teeth smashed well thats not as common, this would have been another life experience for Sally having to lose all of her teeth and having fake ones. Going through menopause this generally happen to all women in the fifties and it can make women quite self-conscious about themselves, to make it even worst she still suffers from night sweats which will make her sweaty and she may be concerned that she smells when around others. Eye sight she has to wear glasses so that would be something new for her but again is quite common in elder age and so is arthritis.

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