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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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National Identity is something that is not as tangible as we wanted it to be. It is formed along with its existence in the consciousness of a countrys people, where they wanted to establish a personality different from another country. It encompasses the countrys culture, tradition, language, and of course, politics. These four concepts is what sets them apart from another country or nation, and therefore what gives them identification. Introduction

Countries that have become colonies of bigger countries tend to clamor for their own National Identity. It is a matter of how they would deviate themselves from the stereotype that is their colonizer. Anyhow, measures are being done to ensure that National Identity is instilled and made known to each citizen, be it that they come from a colony or not. Take a look at Canada, for example, and the Heritage Minutes as their means of promoting National Identity.

Canada is rather known for is problems with National Identity, being nothing but a patch of wilderness being it was discovered by French colonizers. In itself, it has proven to have little unification with its own natives, and even after they were colonized by various European countries, it has failed to unify as one nation. Canada has even adopted the image of being a mosaic since it has been the home to people from all over the world (Harris, 1997). The Heritage Minutes

The Heritage Minutes appeal to Canadians in a way that it caters to a wide variety of people. The messages are simple and easy to understand, and with the accompaniment of Audio-Visual and Textual messages, it is sure to make a lasting impression not only to Canadians. The Heritage Minutes focus on a variety of subjects, too, thereby encompassing the four core concepts that are of a National Identity. We have seen the video about the Underground Railroad, Maurice Richard, and Sir Sanford Fleming.

All three are very informative pieces of work, and also neatly packaged with explanations that carry out into the understanding of viewers. These videos greatly help in the promotion of National Identity as these will make Canadians proud of their heritage, not only in a moral sense but also in the field of sports and international fame. The sense of proximity that these facts bring them to other Canadians from all over the world is what these videos from Heritage Minutes are meaning to provide them with.

It is highly important that National Identity is instilled in the minds of citizens, as it is the binding force that gives them the confidence to tell that he or she is indeed a member of this Nation: the Heaven as the slaves who suffered under the cruelty of America would call Canada since they braved the path of the Underground Railroad; the country with which a notable young gentleman received the label of Man of the Century for being the best hockey player; the origin of the man who made it easier to translate one time from another with the collection of timezones; among others that will definitely make on proud that he or she is from Canada. Conclusion National Identity is something that not all nations have.

Sometimes they lack it, thinking that it is not as important as it is. The thing that theyre missing, though, is the chance to revel in the glamor and pride that is given to them by their very nation. This is particularly true in nations that were colonized before, as they are split into wanting to be a part of their colonizers identity or forming their own, which in some cases are harder than the former. National Identity can be achieved in ways more than one. There are measures now that can be utilized, most of which can be pushed through with the use of technology: through Audio-visual presentations, radio broadcasts, even television shows.

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