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Published: 2019-10-10 12:32:33
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Intelligence can be measured with the IQ test (intelligence quotient). It attempts to measure a person? s intelligence by using a set of standardized questions in number of subjects, including mathematics, language and reasoning involving drawings and shapes. Contrary to what people belief intelligence tests do not measure the amount of knowledge a person has already attained, it measures a person? s ability to learn, reason and make judgments.

Despite we have tests that measure the intelligence this test do not assure success in life, in work, ability to solve problems. On the other hand IQ tests can analyze how intelligence gets better throughout life. It also helps school systems determine possible gaps in various learning areas. In addition it also help educators and administrator to help the student. Employers use intelligence tests to determine if an employee possesses the reasoning, and skills needed to perform well in a particular job.

It can also be used as a personal satisfaction; however it can also depress the test taker because it can end with his or her challenges in life is the result its not what it is expect. In conclusion an IQ test can help the test taker in a lot of ways like showing as a result the capacity of doing or learning things but it does not tell or assure your succeed in life. That is on you, on your abilities on the effort you put on, and in how much you want something.

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