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Korn was an indigenous rock band from America, specifically from Bakersfield, California. The band proved to be an inspiration for many other rock bands since By the year 1990, Korn had earned excessive popularity and possessed myriads of well wishers. Change in the name of the band occurred from Creep to Korn or KoRn. Success osculated their feet from their first self”titled album Korn. The most important feature that clung to their success was the support of working with an experienced producer, Ross Robinson.

Hence, the journey of Korn is described below. Raha 2 The boisterous form of music existed for a prolonged period adapting a sobriquet of metal genres. This is accessorized by low”pitched vocals, swift rhythm, totile tunes of the guitar and lugubrious lyrics, thereby creating a hypochondriacal and rabid environment. Metal genres gained immense popularity in an exiguous span of time.

The year 1990 witnessed the provenance of Nu Metal, a miscellaneous combination of the indigenous form of music Grunge along with metal genres, hip-hop and funky tunes. Under such circumstances arose the American Rock Band KoRn deciding their way from the roads of Bakersfield, California leading to the eximious level of the Billboard. The band was formed by sincere efforts of men like David Silveria, Brian Welch and others when their former group L. A. P. D lapsed due to the grotesque task of drug addiction by Richard Morrill. The lead vocalist of the band Sexart, Jonathon Davis drew the attention of Silveria and others for the purpose of recruiting a new vocalist in place of Corey Cinque in their new band called Creep.

After a period of deep cogitation, the name of the band was changed from Creep to Korn on Jonathans request. Thus, the journey of Korn began. The disseminated members of the band Korn came from various walks of life. The vocalist Jonathan Houseman HIV Davis suffered from the repulsive situation of a psychological disorder named post traumatic stress on visualizing the demise of the victims of accident, suicides or even tortures. After completing his studies at the

San Francisco School Of Mortuary Science, he was appointed as Coroners assistant. At Raha 3 a young age he had been suffering the pain of parental separation but in the year 1988, he got married with Renne and now is presently divorced. His talent led him into the profession of singing. The tattoo on his arm symbolizing HIV advices people not to have a casual physical involvement. Fiddle”sticks or David Silveria stood as a pillar for Korn. He performed the ceremony of matrimony with Shannon Bellino in the year 1997.

It is also informed that he carries a part”time job of modeling. He carries the tattoo of a Cheshire cat and Shannons name. David is a talented drummer from the tender age of nine years when he first drew the drum sticks. The west”coast hip”hop music influenced Fieldy or Reginald Fieldy Snuts Arvizu. Fieldy served to be the bands bass. The t- shirts for Korn are designed by Reggy himself. James Munky Shaffer performed as one of the guitarists in the band.

The tragic event of loosing a finger in a deadly accident confined him to the world of music. The other guitarist was Brian Head Welch, also known as Head for possessing a gigantic head. His music career began when he volunteered for the post of a guitarist in the band group of L. A. P. D. . He got married to Rebekkah . The auspicious event of Ozz fest in Europe in the year 1998 marked the absence of Korn due to the birth of Brians daughter Jeannea”Marie. The coalesced group of Korn vanquished the world of music for quite a long time.

Korn was supported by the famous producer Ross Robinson, who heard them in a nightclub singing from Epic immortal imprint the golden year of 1994 experienced the rise of Korn and the first song of the album Blind. The celebration extended when Korn was presented the delectable guerdon of Grammy nomination shoots and ladders. Raha 4 A vivacious tour was organized for the band and provided the members with an avocation for opening allotments for Ozzy, Marilyn Mansion Osbourne, Megadeth and 311.

Meanwhile, Korn had become demotic and was preparing for the second album Life is Peachy. The album included tracks like Wars Low Rider and Wicked by Ice Cube. The first presented Head David is vocal and bagpipe respectively. Chino Moreno accessorized the band as a vocal in the second track. The grandiloquent Popularity was also the result of participation in the Lollapalooza music festival in 1997. The album secured third position in the Billboard with the sale 0f 1,06,000 copies in its initial week.

The third album Follow the Leader achieved greater success thereby securing first rank in the Billboard and another Grammy award for the best video on music. With lucrative business of 2,68,000 copies. The album was promoted with expensive means like presenting hebdomadal television shows with guest artistes like 311 Bizkit And others, and a tour on the chartered jet. The entire audience got attracted with the albums particularly with the singles” Got the Life and Freak on a cash.

Following the success of Follow the Leader was Korns pristine tour called Values Tour. Every album seemed to heighten the popularity and sale of music editions by Korn. Next on the chart was Korns new album Issues making a grandiloquent release at The Apollo Theatre. The captivating music of the songs Falling Away from me made an expeditious prosperity in the sale of musical editions, from 2 lakhs to 5,73,000, thereby occupying first position on the Billboard. Raha 5 The demotic music of Korn seemed to be fugacious.

Many other musical bands Came to the forefront with an animus of competing with each other. These groups which considered Korn to be their afflatus, stood beside them on the same dais and gained much more popularity by merely imitating their source of inspiration. Hence, the business made by Korn decreased to a considerable extent. Later works of Korn like Untouchables, Take A Look In The Mirror and the other Untitled album could not afford to make a lucrative business. The band made a valetudinarian comment,

thereby querulous against the illegal offence of piracy for the decline in the sales of their music edition. Untouchables”- directed by Hughes Brothers seemed to present the lethal tableau of misery in the World. Songs denoting sufferance and tolerance by the poverty stricken young children included Alone I Break, Here To Stay and Thoughtless. The album was aimed to lacinate the veracity of umbrage. To manage for the loss afflicted period in Korns journey, the band tried to regain back their

original status by creating numbers with similar rawness and fortitude. The attempt turned to cinerary on their failure and for learning the grievous news that Head or Brian Welch had made a pellucid announcement : He would dedicate the rest of his songs to Jesus Christ, The Savior and spend the remaining life in his eulogy. The remaining members of Korn took a blatant step of distributing a majority portion of their profits and shares with Virgin in return for $25 million.

Korn created an album See You On The Other Side which remained to secure a position within hundred on the Billboard. On the process of advertising the album, Davis was Raha 6 detected with the minacious disease of a blood platelet disorder. The repulsive disease prevented him from performing at the Download Festival but hardly affecting the resurrection of their Values Tour. The last album by the band was in an untitled form but dealt with a song coined as The Cure and Army Lee of Evanescence. The band

was rewarded with a gold certification for reconstructing juvenescence in the crowd with copious of sales records. The gradual traduce of Korn occurred, diminishing the sale of musical copies thereby reducing their popularity. Uncomfortable conditions penetrated into the glorious journey of the band. The pristine form of the bands music is lost with no magical combination of bagpipers, rap and other forms of heavy metals. A didactic song named Here To Stay inaugurates the album of Untouchables.

The constancy in music is not maintained throughout the album as later the tunes go monotonous with a decrease in the tempo. Similar kind of problems raised with all the later albums created by the band Korn. The clandestine revealing a diaphanous and amiable form of rock music by Korn was in their scintillating use of instruments like guitars and drums. The demotic numbers were merged with an extra ordinary style of funk, alternative metal, hip”hop and heavy metal.

Initially, the band reached the highest point touching the firmament by attracting a large portion of the common mob with their new form of music. Eventually, the environment turned extortionate and inhaled the breath of asphyxia when similar other bands arrived to captivate the hearts and minds of the common public. Reports prove that the vivacious group of Korn did not leave their hope and promised to come Raha 7 back this year with a new album introducing a rare combination of funk and jazz.

The rock band Korn claims to introduce a biofuel brand termed as Korntastic. This is done to reserve natural resources and depurate the contaminated atmosphere opulent of poisonous gases. The project is also undertaken with a motive of preserving oil which will soon be on the verge of extinction. Economical solutions like sixteen green tour buses have been manufactured which would run on biodiesel thereby saving fifty tones of carbon dioxide. Thus, band members of Korn are not only preparing for their album but are also involved in benefiting the society.

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