Cake vs. Pie Essay

Published: 2020-02-13 18:22:07
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There are two different types of people in the dessert world, the pie people and the cake people. These two desserts are both wonder in my world but there are lots of differences in these two similar after dinner treats.

Pies are warm, baked, with a gooey filling of your choice. They have a hard crust that is holding in all the fresh ingredients. Cakes on the other hand are usually room temperature or cool because if they were hot they icing would melt off. They usually are just in plain vanilla or chocolate but have other flavors. They arent gooey or very messy but moist and soft.

Most people think of pie as the all American dessert. When you think of baseball and moms, a pie goes right along with it. The cake is known for celebrations though. When you have a birthday or a graduation party, you dont have pie, you have a birthday or graduation cake. Also, you dont blow the candles out on a pie for your birthday. But the fall back to cake is that is a celebratory tradition. When you go to a diner you can get a slice of pie but rarely a piece of cake. Cake is saved for those special occasions such as weddings.

These desserts are common in some ways such as they both go great with ice cream and a glass of milk, they are both very sweet and tasty, and they both can either be home-made or store bought. They are also both pretty easy to make if you dont buy them at a store and come in a variety of different recipes.

Cakes and pies are two similar desserts with two very different kinds of people who prefer one or the other. Which one do you personally prefer?

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