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Published: 2020-02-24 17:21:10
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Caesar is portrayed as the real hero of the play whereas Antony is seen as weak. Throughout the play we are given many references to how much more power Caesar has than Antony. Caesar can be portrayed as the stronger of the two. The entire play, the audience perceive Antony as weak. This is because he is supposed to be seen as a very manly, strong and independent man. The play actually converts this image, he is being bossed around by his mistress and seems so love struck that he is actually unable to function correctly. Rome is a very powerful and political city, they are a very dominant city and when they see their leader being dragged around by a woman, this causes them to loose some of the dignity they had for him. This ultimately leads Antony to be the weaker character of he and Caesar, as Caesar does not get involved with such nonsense.

In Act 2, Scene 2, there are many revelations of Antony as a character. He admits that he couldnt control his wife and this is revealed in lines 61-69. In the times that this play was set in, this is unacceptable, men control their wives and the fact that Antony cannot do this means that he is weak. More revelations occur when in lines 97-100 he actually admits hes weak. Furthermore, in Act 2, Scene 2, He has to apologise to Caesar as his wife and brother are plotting war against him. This shows that Caesar is the stronger force of the two and doesnt let these types of affairs get in the way of what he actually needs to do politically.

Act 2, Scene 3, Antony makes a promise to Caesars sister Octavia, that he will marry her. The fact that he runs off to Egypt shows him as a weak character because he cant even keep his promises. He doesnt want to make peace between he and Caesar, but would rather have love. In those times this was seen as weak in a man, they should care more about politics then love. Furthermore in Act 2, Scene 3, the image of Caesar being the stronger of the two is cemented further. There is a soothsayer and she indicates to Antony that Caesar will always be more fortunate than he. Once Antony realises this he goes to Egypt.

Though I make this marriage for people/IthEast my pleasure lies. Lines 40-1. To the Romans Egypt is regarded as a place of libertine pleasures. This shows he is weak because he cannot live without sex and love whereas Romans like to feel they are the most powerful and the women should go to them. The fact that the Romans feel he left for Cleopatra makes him a weaker character. But he is leaving because Caesar will always be more powerful then he just shows how weak Antony has become.

Caesar is the strong character as he can make Antony do whatever he wants him to. Antony calls him Sir which shows respect toward Caesar but he does not return this and shows the superiority Caesar has over Antony. He can make Antony marry his sister to mend the argument they were having and in Act 2, Scene 2, he sits down before Antony that could show that he is in a higher rank emotionally.

Cleopatra had an affair with him before the play started could indicate his power. It seems to the audience that Cleopatra only goes for the strong dominant leaders and then tried to tear them down to make them weak. She was obviously unable to break him like she did Antony this shows that Caesar has a stronger will power and is more able to b a leader then someone who is ruled by their emotions. In addition, this again makes Antony seem weak as he is taking Caesars rejects, this could be a form of flattery, that Antony is trying to be like him.

It seems that Antony is more in life for fun as he enjoys good fellowship whereas Caesar doesnt. Antony says Be a child othtime and Caesar replies Possessit, Ill make answer. This shows that Caesar is more business minded and knows what he wants whereas Antony does really and yet again causes Antony to be stronger. Finally, at the end of the play, Antony dies and Caesar doesnt. This leads us to believe that Caesar is the real hero of the play as traditionally the hero lives and the weaker characters die.

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