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This particular play is A view from a Bridge written by Arthur Miller. Arthur Miller was born on October 17th, 1915, in New York City. His parents were both Illegal Immigrants in the United States, which links to the background of the play. A view from the Bridge was first produced as a one-act play in verse 1955; Arthur divorces his wife to marry his co-star actress Marilyn Monroe Miller has now become Americas worlds popular playwrights. Most of his plays are about the society and the responsibilities of its relation.

But also in all the plays they hide a deep considerate of how people act and behave with the situation of life around them. These obstacles they face which they have to successfully defeat over. A view from a Bridge has its roots in the late 1940s when Miller was interested in the work and lives of New York. Miller purposely wanted the play to be a modern version of a Greek Tragedy, which a main character is faced with trying, daring situations, which cannot be escaped from. In this play a tragic hero commits an offence unexpectedly.

He then learns from his misdeed and therefore must die for his actions. Then as it is a Greek Mythology the Gods restores the Universe. In this play the Hero is inked onto a man named Eddie Carbone. He is uniquely and ordinary everyday man. Courteous, hard working and a man that people liked. This play is themed on the background of Italian origins, which relates to the dispute of Italians and Americans. This is introduced with Alifieris Speech; This is Red Hook not Sicily¦ now we are civilised, quite American. Now we settle for half¦. In no longer keep a pistol in my filling cabinet

This reflects with the context of the play and links with the storyline. It also reflects on the reason of the main cause concluding to the violence. The story is also based on the American Dream that any person can accomplish what and no matter what upbringing culture or race. He has added this, as in that period of time the American Dream was quite popular which was appropriate for it to relate the aspects of their life. Arthur Miller has produced the main character being the lead role of the play. Eddie Carbone is an Italian Longshoreman working on the New York docks.

Eddie is a simple hard workingman who worked on the piers. When his wifes cousins were sent, Marco and Rodolfo, he agrees to refuge them as illegal immigrants from Sicily. First signs of disturbance are when Catherine starts to show attraction to Rodolfo, at this Eddie disapproves. This is because of Eddies over protectiveness towards Catherine. His possessive behaviour towards Catherine brings him to envy towards Rodolfo. Out of anger and rage at the end Eddie reported them to the Immigration Beaureu. In response of ferocity Marco decides to kill Eddie, but Eddie kills himself with the knife.

In one section of evidence, which relates to his own downfall is the possessiveness of Catherine. Catherine is Eddies orphaned Niece. In the first scene the audience is immediately given the information that Eddie has a peculiar concern towards his niece. He mentions and details out of her dress sense and suggest it is too short. The evidence showing that he is overprotective is when he indicates that she is walking wavy. I dont like the looks theyre givin you in the candy store¦ the heads are turnin like windmills. In this it is brought immediately to the audience attention of the over protectiveness for his own nice.

His concern and obssesiveness of his actions may have a hidden feelings that Eddie has for Catherine. An uncertainty of more than relative love is present with the way he feels for Catherine. Toe Eddie Catherine represents to him as just a baby and therefore she does not understand these things but this is a cover up for his possessive behaviour. In Act 1 page6-10 I suggest his behaviour is both possessive and protective but more possessive. As the conversation of Beatrice, Eddie and Catherine it shows that Eddie treats Catherine like a child, and not the rightful age that she should be treated.

The relationship between Eddie and Catherine changes with the arrival of Marco and Rodolfo. As they talk and get to known each other Catherine shows an interest to Rodolfo as she keeps gesturing to Beatrice Hes a real blond He then sings to her Paper Doll, but in a kindest way Eddie tells him to stop. Also that is when the changes of Eddies behaviour begin. He embarrasses Catherine by telling her to go ahead meaning get out. Eddie again tries to humiliate Catherine so that Rodolfo will lose interest by telling him that she wants to be an actress meaning shes a drama queen. But Rodolfo flirts back by saying

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