Burger king opening in Zambia Essay

Published: 2019-11-27 01:20:08
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This report shows what factors the company will have to look at when entering Zambia. Some of these are the process of internalization, the role of the entrepreneur, factors affecting the entrepreneur in the current country, drivers for internalization for the firm, theoretical underpinning and comparison to reality of firm, a description of the intended target country, analysis on the country, entrepreneurial characteristics, the firms current situation, and conclusions and recommendations.

Brief Company Background

Burger was found in 1954 by two successful business men who go by the name of David Edgerton and James Mclamore. The restaurant was not called Burger King at the time it had its first Outlet in Miami, Florida, it was called Insta Burger king which was given that name because they wanted their customer to get the impression that their burgers were made instantly. Burger King has today got over 10, 000 restaurants in more than sixty countries world wide. They have an annual turn over of over a billion pounds; have more than three hundred and forty thousand employees across the globe. More than ninety percent of their franchises are run by family businesses and independent owners; this comes about because the founders wanted to create a warm feeling to customers. After over 50 years since the first outlet was created Burger King has grown stronger and is still showing more signs of growth.


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http://www.burgerkingfranchiser.com/history-of-burger-king.html referring to Burger King Company background, accessed on (2010 April 21st)

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